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Want to Be Your Own Boss? Here’s Why You Should Consider Microblading!

Life is too short to be unhappy at work. Being stuck in an office 9-to-5 is not for everyone. Neither is working for a manager that has no respect for your efforts and talent. Unfortunately, we live in a fast paced world that often makes us take on jobs that are not quite what we imagined as our dream job, nor what we wanted to be when we grow up. But lately many new jobs are emerging that offer the opportunity to be your own boss. One of them certainly is becoming a microblading artist.

If you’re thinking of switching up careers, a startup in microblading business is definitely worth considering.

Why Microblading?

Microblading is one of the most financially rewarding type niches within the beauty industry. The demand for microblading procedures is growing, yet the number of certified, skilled microblading technicians is still relatively low.

Trends change quickly, but microblading as a technique is very adaptable. Once you master the technique, you can experiment with different styles and learn the more advanced methods if you’re looking to expand your offering.

Microblading is the perfect business opportunity for all beauty enthusiasts to cash in their passion, regardless of their original profession or prior education. It gives you the opportunity to manage your time, take on as many or as few clients you want, and explore related careers such as becoming a trainer.

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Investments and Earnings

If your dream is to become a business owner, microblading is a great base for this, as it’s possible to make significant amounts of money in a short time, which you can further invest into expanding your startup microblading business.

The first question that arises when you start planning any entrepreneurial endeavour is how much money you need to get you started. With microblading startup, the only initial investment you have to make is a good, thorough training course. Withing 6 months, you will be a certified microblading technician and all doors will be open to you.

The initial sum of around $3500 will be payed off in no time once you start working. Microblading artists earn from $350 to up to $800 per two-hour microblading session. The results of microblading last for up to two years, which means clients will seek touch ups and you will have returning customers.

Microblading Courses

The first step towards becoming an artist is taking a course. Comprehensive and well organised PhiBrows courses are training events that provide you with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practice, along with a kit of tools and supplies. From there, you can further perfect your skill and experiment with different tools once you start working with clients (while respecting their wishes, of course).

These courses are divided into several parts that together cover all areas of the technique. You will get the opportunity to practice on special props and live models. These events are an exclusive opportunity to learn from respected master artists who have been working for years.

What makes microblading the most convenient career to switch to is the fact that you don’t need any prior experience working in beauty in order to take the course. Of course, if you’re looking to start a business of your own, all past business experiences as well as contacts will come in handy.

I Got My Certificate. Now What?

Microblading offers a lot of flexibility other startup business ideas don’t. You  can work at a salon, as a freelancer without fixed working hours (you don’t have to quit your day job yet), or invest into your own business right off the bat (a way to make the most money). Keep in mind, starting a business always comes with sacrifice. It takes patience and determination. Any beginning is hard and it takes time and hard work to make a name for yourself. But once you do, it will certainly pay off.

As PhiBrows courses offer support for a while after you’ve finished the course, there’s no reason to hold off working with clients.

A great way to save money once you start your business in the beauty industry is alternative marketing. This should be your starting point. Most renowned people in the industry point out the importance of a good, clear website and an active Instagram page as the most important medium for reaching clients. But if you fully adopt a business mindset, you will consider anyone you already know and everyone you meet a potential client.

Tips and Tricks

In any business, networking is key. Microblading is a relatively tight community. The live traning events are the perfect opportunity to meet future colleagues. It’s important to stay in contact with other microblading artist, so you can follow trends and share experiences. Especially as an owner, you need to adapt your microblading startup business to best meet market demands. As a newbie, use every opportunity you get to listen to master artists who have built this niche.

It’s also worth making connections with artists in other branches of permanent makeup. This leaves space for referrals, as they can recommend you to their clients who are looking for further permanent makeup procedures (and the other way around; maintaining a collegial relationship within a business branch is beneficial for everyone).

Bear in mind, microblading is on its way to become a competitive market, so waste no time. The longer you work as an artist, the more experience you will gain. That will give you an advantage over all new artists that are just starting out.

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