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Vitamin Lash & Brow Lift Training – USA

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-PhiBrows Master Gabriela D. Addie

Vitamin Lash & Brow Lift Training

With increased popularity of eyelash cosmetic treatments, Art of Beauty Academy now offers the Vitamin Lash & Brow Lift and Lamination training from MyLamination. You will have the pleasure of being mentored by Master Lash Artist Gabriela Addie who will share her proven lamination, Tint and Lift techniques using the My Lamination Vitamin Lash Lift and Tint formulated products and training program.

Years of research, training and experience of lash lift lectures and curriculum (hands-on training) at your fingertips. During this course you will:

  • Learn the Vitamin Lash Lift Process
  • Learn the Lash Lift and Lamination Process
  • Learn the Lash Lift and Lamination Process
  • Learn the Brow Lift Process
  • Learn the Brow Lamination Process
  • Learn the Brow and Lash Tinting Process
  • Learn how to perform the technique
  • Learn how to use different products for the most natural eye-catching results
  • Learn how to start, grow and manage your business using by gaining access to the Business Expert course host via the CraftMaster App
  • Get a Premium MyLamination Lash Lift Kit

This Training package has an assessed value of $1,150.00 when calculating our business course and is offered to you for $550.00.

Vitamin Lash Lift training USA

What Is Vitamin Lash Lift?

Vitamin Lash Lift and Tinting is a cosmetic technique of lifting, strengthening and straightening (with a slight curve) eyelashes using a combination of vitamins, natural oils and amino acids. The process involves using silicone pads to lift eyelashes and coat them with the vitamin based lifting product. This allows the eyelashes to grow as much as 50%, for a thicker and longer look. Timing and application of products is a critical portion of the treatment and can be the determining factor of the Lash artist getting amazing, natural results.

What Will You Learn?

During our lash lift training, you will learn how to lift eyelashes using the vitamin based product from beginning to end. That means, learning the basics, developing your skills and turning it into a successful business model once you master the craft. After you complete your lash lift training, you will be skilled in:

  • Eyebrow lamination
  • Eyelash tint and color theory
  • Eye and eyelash anatomy
  • Contra-actions and contraindications
  • Pre-procedure preparation
  • Health and safety procedures
  • Business set-up and marketing
  • Consultation skills
  • Product information and usage guidance
Lash lift training by

What’s Included?

With our Vitamin Lash Training you receive enough material to hone in your skills, and start earning money as soon as you pass the course. The lash lift training course includes:

  • A step-by-step lash lift guide
  • Full vitamin lash lift kit and My Lamination vitamin lash lift products
  • Waivers and client consent forms
  • Certification for vitamin lash lift and M-lash lift
  • Access to private lash forum
  • Ongoing support after the class

Vitamin Lash Lift Kit

The exclusive Lash Lift Kit is what makes our lash lift training so successful. Anybody can perform eyelash lamination, but not everyone will receive a quality kit. That’s why your kit includes:

  • 20- Eye Patches
  • 10 – Lash Lifting Cream
  • 10 – Lash Neutralizing Cream
  • 10 – Hydrating Cream
  •   5 – Y Shape Applicators
  •   1 – Adhesive
  •   5 – silicone Pads for each size S/M/M1/M2/L
  •   1 – Tint Blue Black
  •   1 – Tint Black
  •   1 – Tint Brown
  •   1 – Tint Developer1 – Lash Botox
  •   1 – Pigment Mixer
  •   1 – Pack of Microbrushes
My Lamination vitamin lash lift products

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