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A Full Scalp Micropigmentation Cost Overview + Factors that Affect the Price

Even though there is no real medicine to baldness, scalp micropigmentation is the method that saved lives to a plethora of men who suffered from baldness or hair loss. This is still the only hair loss solution with guaranteed results, and this is why many people opt for the procedure. However, micropigmentation is a very difficult, intricate and detailed procedure, and it’s very important to know who’s doing the micropigmentation and what to expect.

As far as the prices are concerned, they depend on a number of factors, such as the area that’s being micropigmented, the artist who’s performing the work, whether or not you have scarring, and other factors that we will definitely mention in this article.

So if you wanted to know what the average scalp micropigmentation cost in the USA is, this is your chance!

In Short, What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation, often abbreviated to SMP, is a completely new cosmetic pigmentation process. It involves the use of highly specialized and techniques to inject pigment into the scalp. The final outcome depends on two things – the actual equipment and how good the artist is. It usually takes two treatments to achieve the wanted results, but sometimes the artist might demand three treatments. This differs from patient to patient.

During the first two treatments, small incisions are made into the skin of the scalp, thus creating an illusion that the scalp is actually full with hair. In order to make this more natural, the artist uses pigment darker than the hair color of the patient in order to create a shadowing effect that will make the final result much more realistic.

Due to the fact that it requires skill and precision, the micropigmentation cost is not as low as somebody would expect. However, the treatment is definitely something worth investing in, at least according to the number of satisfied men who swear by it.

What are the Factors that Affect the Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

The cost of micropigmentation depends on various aspects, and it’s very hard to precisely state it. The average price for a single treatment is between $1800 – $3200, but it’s also very important to know exactly what you want and need in order to correctly state it.

There are four main factors that affect the price:

The area of the treatment

The majority of people who opt for scalp micropigmentation suffer from male pattern baldness (MPB), the severity of which is determined by the Nortwood scale. There are 7 stages of baldness according to this scale, the first one being the baseline (no hair loss whatsoever), while the last one is the “horseshoe” phase, during which the hair around the back and the sides of the head remain. The price for each of these stages is different as there is more space to cover with the micropigmentation.

The skin type

Different types of skin require different applications from the artists. Excessively dry, flaky and older skin requires much more care and extra time. It’s the same case with extra sensitive skin, damaged skin, or skin that’s covered in acne or moles. On the same hand, extremely thick skin can also require special attention, just as new skin, and both types can also affect the procedure. Due to this fact, it’s very important to have a consultation with your artist beforehand so that they could see if your skin is delicate or not.


The presence of scarring can also make your procedure a more demanding one. Hair does not grow over scar tissue, and since micropigmentation is there to mimic natural hair, this could be a tricky task, but definitely not an impossible one. It’s easier for lighter scars, of course, so this is another reason why you don’t have to choose your artist based on the SMP cost but based on the experience.

Hair density and style

Lastly, the whole SMP price depends on the hair density and style that you want. If your style needs to mimic more hair follicles, the price will obviously be a bit higher than the price for patients who simply want to keep their density but fill out the appearance of existing hair.

micropigmentation cost overview

How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost in the USA?

Below you can see the table of all the approximate prices in USA dollars, Euros and in GB pounds.

PROCEDURE TYPE $ (USD) Extra session cost in USD (Session 3) € (EUR) £ (GBP)
Scar treatment only $1200 – 2000 – app $700 €1000 – 2000 £800 – 1500
Norwood – stages II and III $1500 – 2500 – app $700 €1250 – 2000 £1000 – 1500
Standard procedure (benchmark price) $2700 – 4000 – app $700 €2300 – 4000 £1800 – 3000
Standard procedure with scars $3000 – 5200 – app $800 – 1000 €2500 – 4000 £2000 – 3500
Mild alopecia areata $3000 – 4300 – app $700 €2500 – 4000 £2000 – 3000
Severe alopecia $3600 – 4000 – app $700 €3250 – 5000 £2500 – 4000
Adding density $2700 – 3200 – app $700 €2500 – 3000 £2000 – 3000
Repairing bad treatments $2200 – 3200 – app $700 €2000 – 3000 £1800 – 2500
Touchups $350 – 1000

Please note:

  • These estimates from the table are exclusive of local tax
  • In most cases, the scalp micropigmentation price includes the first two sessions of the procedure. The extra session (session 3) can sometimes be charged extra, but different artists have different rules for this
  • Touch-up sessions are required after 3 – 5 years

How to Choose a Good SMP Artist?

As we already mentioned, the price of scalp micropigmentation can vary. Not only because of the patient’s skin condition and density wish, but because smaller boutique clinics tend to charge less. However, it’s very important to know that higher prices are often very justified.

Value is the key, so it’s very important to choose an artist who knows what he’s doing and has plenty of experience in this field. A skilled SMP artist can design a hairline which will continue to look good as the patient ages, as well as looking natural and in-keeping with the person’s face and their features. Also, when looking for the right SMP artist or a clinic to carry out scalp micropigmentation do a thorough research before committing to anything. See if you can talk to a few patients or people who have been treated by the artist or clinic before.

Another important thing worth checking – a SMP certificate that artists owns! Before the experience that is gathered throughout years of working and upgrading, this is what makes a base value of every artist out there – a quality chosen and licensed SMP training. At the Art of Beauty academy, we offer highly-rated PhiScalp micropigmentation training that follows the international standard developed by the world famous PhiAcademy. Once they finish the course, our students are taught to perfectly execute the PhiScalp technique, but also to be extremely professional and devoted to each of their patients.

Besides the artist’s expertise, the equipment he is manipulating is extremely important. What you want to know is which type of pigments is the artist using, in order to leave the salon with the most natural results possible. In case of a mistake or an inadequate application, the pigment is required to be lasered off, which can be both really expensive and painful. In this case, the final cost will be way higher then expected in the first place, which is the real cost of ‘botched’ scalp micropigmentation.

how to choose a good smp artist

Final Note

Before you make a final decision, bear in mind that scalp micropigmentation is definitely the most successful and less painful option than a hair transplantation. This is why it’s very important not to be cheap, but smart when looking for an artist or a clinic. Go for an artist that is well-known for his good work and amazing results, a certified training he has finished, and satisfied clients who can claim his quality and dedication. A well-trained and experienced artist can do wonders for your hairline.

It’s essential to enter the process prepared, with all the necessary information beforehand. Make a plan to save money for the procedure if you can’t afford it yet. Once again, do not opt for the cheaper options as you never know what you might get in the end!

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