Professional Website for Microblading Artists & PMU Industry


Crisp. Customizable. Compelling. A unique website created just for you. With adjustable custom design and content. Fully-functional and easy to use. Safe and Reliable. Created to attract, convince and inspire clients to choose your services and build your PMU services into a successful business. For an affordable price.



Who is it for?

Every professional PMU artist needs a website. You need a quality website to market your brand, sell your services and stand out from the growing competition. However, having any website just won’t do. That’s why we came up with a quick and easy solution – a professional and personalized website created for microblading business and PMU industry.

What do you get?

  • A results-driven website ready to go
  • Adjustable content, design, and branding
  • About us page, contact info, before & after photos
  • Services, testimonials, CTA, live chat and directions on Google map
  • Online booking platform integration (if applicable)
  • Captures clients email addresses via contact form
  • Connects to your social media channels
  • Access on all devices (mobile-friendly)
  • One year FREE hosting
  • Safe with FREE SSL Certificate
  • Fast load speed
  • Choose predefined templates created specifically for PMU industry
  • Support & maintenance (optional)

All the content on your new website is adjusted to microblading or other PMU services you specialize in. It’s informative and clear so clients can easily understand your message. And it’s been tested until perfect – to drive even more business your way!

What you get is a generic content created especially for your field of permanent and semi-permanent makeup industry. Of course, you can make adjustments and edit the content whenever you want. Tailor it to fit your brand and your business philosophy. In addition, it has fully customizable features to make it unique and unmistakably yours.

Fully customizable features:

  • Your logo (if you don’t have one we can design it for you)
  • A customized color scheme to fit the look of your brand
  • Quick access to your social media channels from the site
  • Contact information where clients can reach you
  • Before & after photos of your work and client testimonials
  • Calls to action – to ensure clients contact and book your service
  • A description of who you are and what you do on ABOUT US page

Additional services that are NOT included in the price:

  • Ongoing website support & maintenance
  • Custom logo design
  • Marketing strategy and execution

Why does my microblading business need a website?

Two things make you a successful microblading & PMU artist: being really good at microblading and creating a professional marketing strategy. That’s where your new website comes in. It forms the base for all your marketing activity.

  • It’s set up to capture emails – so you can grow your mailing list and market clients via email.
  • It is integrated with social media – so clients can like, share, follow and connect with your brand.
  • It’s fast, safe and easily accessible. Website visitors make instant decisions. In 3 seconds, they can choose to leave your website. Or, on the other hand, can get so immersed to book an appointment instantly. That’s why you need a website like ours. Clients can go on their phone (or any other device), access the site in seconds, and leave you their info (fully protected).
  • A top performing website also needs a .com domain name. That’s why we can even include your custom domain name if you already have one. If you don’t, do a quick search, check the availability and find your domain name or let us help you do it.  
  • When you purchase a website, there’s no frustration and no long waiting period. We do all the work for you. And your site is up and running in two weeks, or less.

5 Easy steps to fully-functional microblading website

Step 1 – Add this item to your cart and proceed to checkout to finish your purchase.

Step 2 – We contact you after you complete the purchase and set up a meeting.

Step 3 – You have a meeting with our creative team and tell us your vision.

Step 4 – You send us your logo, photos, bio, testimonials, service and contact info, etc.

Step 5 – Our team creates your new website and delivers it ready to promote your business.

Order your website TODAY!

Why not request a website today? No need to waste time, money or energy. Just click the button above to buy your ready-to-go website. Sit back and relax as a team of professionals does all the heavy lifting and delivers your microblading website directly to you. All you will have to do is market yourself and watch your business explode!