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PMU Powder Brows Training Course – USA

“I will dedicate every second I have to ensure you are ready to dominate the
-PowderBrows Master Gabriela D. Addie

 Online Powder Brows Perfection Training

Join our PMU Powder Brows certification online training course and master one of the most demanded permanent makeup techniques!

At Art of Beauty Academy USA, we offer you in-depth, interactive online courses that breaks down the PowderBrows steps in to a simple learning process.

Online Powder Brows Course allows you to learn in a comfortable environment at your own pace. Once you activate the application, you are required to finish the course within 6 months. On average our students finish within 1-2 months and the remaining 6 months are use solely for skill sharpening and mentorship.

Our Online PowderBrows Training is different from the traditional online training system. We take the entire process of PowderBrows and have broken it down into 7 levels to help our Artist learn and master the technique at a much faster pace.  

We are there the entire step of the process, giving feedback and support, giving you access to simple, straight to the point, step by step videos and graphics. 

Our Online Training success rate has inclined from a 87% Graduation rate to a 91% graduation rate due to the introduction of our new training and support platform that can be easily used on your mobile device and tablet.

As you progress through our classes, you will receive a strong understanding of the craft and develop the skills required to become a competitive permanent makeup artist.

Online Powder Brows Perfectioning Training 

Online Powder Brows Training – Tuition: From $1,300 (Paid in Full)

22/08/13Live Powder Brows Training Dallas – August 13/14

22/08/13Live Powder Brows Training Dallas – August 13/14

Powder Brows Online Training Course

Powder Brows Online Training Course

What is Powder Brows?

Powder Brows is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that uses a special shading technique for achieving a natural looking eyebrows with a powder effect. A combination of dots and shading is used to fill in the brows and make them look thicker and more symmetrical.

The technique uses a permanent makeup machine to insert tiny dots of pigment gradually into the skin, making sure there are no harsh edges but a soft and smooth shading effect. A pixeled or dotted effect creates a more realistic and more elegant approach. Unlike microblading where hairline strokes are created to cover bald or thin areas, powder brows involves filling in or thickening areas of eyebrows with a suitable pigment color.

What Will you Learn?

Powder Brows course is an intense course taught by Master Instructor Gabriela Addie. In this course you can expect to learn the PMU Powder Brows pixelation technique that involves using permanent makeup machine, as well as the appropriate shading needles and pigment to create realistic powdery makeup effect. 

This course will prepare you to design and shape natural looking brows using a soft shading effect. Once you finish the training, you will be able to create shaded eyebrows with a subtle shadow of pixelated color, that graduates from dark to light.

  • Manual shading and powder brow techniques
  • Measuring eyebrows using the Craft Master App
  • Shaping eyebrows according to the golden ratio
  • Calculating symmetry with the Craft Master App
  • Equipment use and sterilization
  • Work area sanitation
  • Skin-stretching techniques
  • Applying pressure to the skin
  • Filling micro-cuts with pigment
  • Color-matching best practices
  • Facial structure and proportions
  • Different skin types
  • Different hair types
  • Aftercare instructions
  • Handling client consultations
  • Dealing with skin problems
  • Proper use of anesthetics
  • Material use and keeping
  • Essential safety practices
  • Industry secrets & tricks
  • And much more

What’s included?

Every student of Art of Beauty Academy’s live and online Powder Brows trainings receives the necessary equipment, materials, support and supervision to succeed in their learning. Each class includes:

  • Powder Brows Premium Kit – each course option comes with a training kit with a selection of the machine that best suits you (machine will be purchased separately from the course)
  • 6 Months Support & Continuous Education
  • 1 on 1 instructor support & demonstration
  • Access to the CraftMaster App
  • Practical and Theoretical Lessons
  • Additional Study Materials (videos, guides, tutorials)
  • Work on live Models (live course)
  • Certificate of Attendance (live course)
  • Certificate of Completion

Powder Brows Kit

Your Choice of Machine:
• Master Machine or Artist Machine (if you have a machine you can opt for the Kit with no machine)
• 1x PhiContour – Golden Brown Pigment
• 1x PhiContour – Brown 1 Pigment
• 1x PhiContour – Brown 2 Pigment
• 1x PhiContour – Brown 3 Pigment
• 1x PhiThinner
• 1x Divider
• 1x Drawing Pencil Set (2pcs)
• 1x Scissors & Tweezers
• 1x Latex Blank (3pcs)
• 1x Marker Pen
craft master application for Powder Brows

Powder Brows Technique

Access to Craft Master

Becoming a student of PhiBrows training USA, you will have access to Craft Master App by PhiBrows. You can download and register it to any device (smart phone, tablet, iPad) via email, text or call on Viber. Once you have completed the registration we will activate the app and give you access to all its features.

Craft Master is the world’s number one semi-permanent makeup app. It includes a brow measuring tool, all lectures completed during the live course, 10+ hours of HD videos, 300+ photos, tutorials and guides, access to the Powder Brows community and much more.

craft master application for Powder Brows

Get Featured Worldwide

After completing the live event you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. This will allow you to gain access to the global Powder Brows network and get featured on the Official PhiBrows Website and the World Artist Map. Join our community and share your work and experiences. Let’s inspire each other and be better artists each day!

Price and Payment Plans

Live Powder Brows Course Prices

  • Basic: Course with Kit Only – $1,900.00 (kit only)          
  • Artist Kit: Course with Artist Machine and Kit – $2,400.00 (Kit + Artist Machine)
  • Master Kit: Course with Master Machine and Kit – $2,700.00 (Kit + Master Machine)

Deposit is only $600 and is required to secure your spot at the course.

A deposit is only an initial payment. When you complete it, your remaining balance will be from $700.00 depending on a package you chosen, plus a processing fee. The remaining balance will have to be paid two weeks before the start date of the class.

Online Powder Brows Course Prices

  • Basic: Course with Kit Only – $1,300.00 (kit only)
  • Artist Kit: Course with Artist Machine and Kit – $1,800.00 (Kit + Artist Machine)
  • Master Kit: Course with Master Machine and Kit – $2,100.00 (Kit + Master Machine)

Online courses must be paid in full.

The moment you complete the payment your balance will be $0.00 and you will be able to attend the training course.

Financing Available

Call us or send us a message and request a financing form to see if you qualify for same-day financing.

Invest in Powder Brows Course and Increase your income 10x

Start a successful business on the road to financial freedom! PMU Powder Brows gives you the opportunity to start, expand and grow your business. With limited hours our artist typically take 2-3 clients per day not includeing weekend at a rate of $350 -$450 per client (not including touchups at $150 – $200 That is $1,200.00 per day $6,000 per week, $24,000 per month and $288,000. After products , marketing and taxes you are looking at a net profit of $150- $200k  per year.

Take advantage of master artist’s Gabriela Addie Powder Brows training USA right now!




At the Art of Beauty Academy you have the chance to learn everything about making Powder Brows a succesful and high-income part of your business. If you are not able to attend a live Powder Brows training, you can choose the online one instead.

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