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Powder Brows Cost & Price Range Overview in the USA

Nowadays, there are various techniques that can give you perfect eyebrows, or, as instagrammers like to say “eyebrows on point”. Having done some of the treatments such as microblading, powder brows, ombre powder brows, PhiShading etc. you will have impeccable brows that are left intact even after swimming or sweating. All of these treatments are permanent or semi-permanent, which means that you are set for at least two years. Of course, you need to invest some money as in any other beauty treatment. One of these that has become popular and definitely stands out is powder brow treatment. Keep reading to find out more about the treatment itself as well as the ombre powder brows costs around the USA.

What is Powder Brows Treatment?

Powder brow treatment is similar to brow tattooing. However, while tattooed brows are permanent, powdered brows are done on the epidermis layer of the skin, thus making it semi-permanent. The treatment involves the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment, inserted into the skin. The result is solid looking brows that look fuller and powdered. They resemble makeup look, unlike microbladed brows where there are strokes that look like natural eyebrow hairs.

This treatment is usually called ombre because the tail is always darker than the head. It is perfect for those who already have eyebrows and want to enhance them. Also, it is a good way to fill in your sparse brows. The technique is said to be the least invasive one of all the form of permanent makeup. Depending on your lifestyle, your ombre powder brows should last 2-3 years, which is longer than microbladed brows.

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How Much Does Powder Brows Cost?

The average price of powder brow treatment is $500. However, it can be much higher, and, of course, you can find it for much less money.

What’s Included in the Price?

Similarly to any other permanent makeup treatment, ombre powder requires at least two visits. The first one is the treatment itself, which also includes consultations with the artist. Your artist must give you detailed explanations and be ready to answer all of your questions. Also, your artist needs to explain all the steps you need to follow during the healing period and the aftercare.  Once you discuss the shape and color with your artist, the initial insertion of pigment is done.

The first follow-up treatment is usually scheduled after the healing period, which is 4-6 weeks after the treatment. Its purpose is to correct all the imperfections after the scabs have fallen off. Only the two treatments combined will give good results, which means that the first touch up is mandatory. It is usually included in the price.

Ombre powder brows are semi-permanent, which means that they will start fading after some time. Other touch ups are there to prolong the duration of your eyebrows. They are not obligatory – it is up to you whether you will book more appointments to refresh your brows. Therefore, they are usually not included in the price, and cost around $100, if done in the first year. The longer you wait, the more your brows will fade so a touch up will require more work and pigment. Therefore, the price is higher and it is usually $50 more for every six months.

powder brows treatment price

What Does the Powder Brows Price Depend On?

 The price of ombre powder treatment varies, depending on the location. If the area is busy and the rent of a salon is high, it will definitely affect the price of the service.

There are also some other factors that shape the price, such as competition, the popularity of the salon and the artists who perform the treatment. If a salon has already made a brand name, the cost will definitely be higher. Besides that, these salons usually employ experienced professionals, so it is the quality of the service that has made them the best on the market.

Also, quality materials cost more, so the price of the ombre powder treatment depends on the materials the artists use.

In addition, certified artists charge more money for their service than those who haven’t completed any training. Owning a certificate is proof that an artist has gone through all the steps in learning how to perform this treatment and is capable of performing the procedure.

Be aware of those with very low prices. It usually means that they are the beginners in the job or that they don’t even own a certificate. if you want to be sure that you will not end up with botched eyebrows, don’t try to save money when you choose an artist. Ask around what the average price of the treatment in your area is and don’t go under that.

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What is the Price Range and Powder Brows Cost Around the USA?

Here is the table of the average prices in some American cities:

Country Average Price
Beverly Hills, California $1000
New York, NY $700
LA, California $550
Chicago, Illinois $500
Dallas, Texas $500
Houston, Texas $450
Seattle, Washington $450
Denver, Colorado $450
Miami, Florida $400
Phoenix, Arizona $350


How to Find the Perfect Artist for You?

You would certainly not like to be driven around by a taxi driver without a license, even though he claims he knows what he is doing. Therefore, do not accept an esthetician without a certificate.

Check out the salon’s website. It should contain everything you need to know, such as the profile of the artists employed, their certificates, before and after photos. Also, the price list should be transparent because that will make it easier for a customer to compare the prices of the nearby salons and make a decision.

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Does Powder Brows Pay Off?

If you are not satisfied with your brows and spend a lot of time every day trying to fill them with a pencil, ombre powder brows are a great solution for you. It is a good investment if you want to look great every day and if you want that makeup look. Once you have the treatment done, you will not have to worry about your brows anymore. Just add some mascara and you are ready to go as soon as you get out of bed.

How to Become a Powder Brows Artist?

If you are a beautician, you might want to include this treatment into your offer. In order to become an ombre powder brow artist, the first step you need to take is to finish the professional training and obtain a certificate. The average price of an ombre powder brow training is $1500 and up. Art of Beauty Academy USA is a reputable academy which offers both online and live powder brows trainings which can help you become a powder brows professional.

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