PhiSpring - New Arrivals on PhiShop USA by

PhiSpring – New Arrivals on PhiShop USA

Spring is just around the corner, and at Art of Beauty Academy, we prepared some revolutionary treats for our artists! We bring you some new formulas, some old but improved technology, and something blue! We give you top 10 new products available now on the official PhiShop USA!

Phi-ION Pro

The redesigned Phi-ION PRO brings skin ionization technology to a whole new level. The latest high-carbonization technology has been integrated into Phi-ION PRO for maximum efficiency in treating a number of skin issues through ion emission, like skin tags, spots of different origin, moles, warts, and similar. Depending on the issue, the Phi-ION PRO offers several levels of intensity, and two electrode sizes, so the treatment can be customized and adapted.

We’ve also improved the handling, so your clients should expect top precision and minimal pain and discomfort.

Phi-ion pro available at Official PhiShop USA

PhiContour PMU Pigment Sludge

The PhiContour Pigment Sludge is a new formulation from PhiBrows. This formula makes PMU pigments thicker and more solid, and allows you to make the most of the pigments, so they give more long lasting results.

PhiContour sludge by

PhiLashes Foam

Proper preparation is one of the key factors of a successful lash extension treatment. The PhiLashes Foam ensures your clients’ lashes will be totally clean, so there’s no leftover makeup, dust, or any of the common airborne dirt on them before the treatment starts. The PhiLashes cleasning foam is also a great option for daily hygiene, as it’s suitable for all skin types, doesn’t dry out the skin, and has an antibacterial effect that prevents eye irritation or a possible infection.


PhiContour Activator Pigment

The PhiContour Activator Pigment is an innovative formula that will revolutionize color correction! The special active ingredients in this orange toned additive assure that any PhiContour pigment you mix it into, maintains its warmth of color and doesn’t turn into an unattractive gray once healed. It can also be used to neutralize the cold bluish tone of any old pigments that might have remained in the skin as a result of a prior treatment with subpar pigments.


Skin Candy After PhiLaser Treatment Gel

There’s a new addition to our Skin Candy aftercare line! Any laser treatment leaves the skin irritated and damaged to a certain degree. The Skin Candy After PhiLaser Treatment Gel immediately relieves the discomfort caused by a laser treatment and accelerates the recovery of the skin.

We’ve combined high quality ingredients – witch hazel, sea camomile, aloe vera, panthenol, and tea tree oil – to achieve a manifold effect. The aftercare gel speeds up the reparation of the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis, hyaluronic acid and elastin production, reduces swelling and redness, gives a pleasant cooling sensation, nourishes and creates a barrier which traps moisture and prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated. It also has an antibacterial effect, which is especially important, as it prevents any possible infection. For maximum results, it should be used for 10 days.


PhiLashes Premium Colored Mink Mix

The PhiLashes Premium eyelash extensions come in a wide range of colors and shades which are bound to fulfill the wish of any client! The top quality mink used to make our PhiLashes ensures that you’ll be able to enhance the beauty of every client without causing them discomfort. Due to the fineness of each individual lash, the chances of premature loss of natural lash hairs is minimal with proper application.  


PhiContour PMU Water Blue Pigment

Prepare to fall in love with our brand new pigment shade! The PhiContour Pigment in Water Blue was created with your boldest clients in mind. We’ve combined a gorgeous new shade with the standard, top-quality formula that ensures lasting results.


Collagen Nourishing Face Mask

Our new Collagen Nourishing Sheet Mask has special protective properties. Its active ingredients include Hijiki Seaweed Extract and Hydrolyzed Collagen that help skin reparation and give it back firmness and elasticity, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


PhiBrows 1-Round Blade

The new PhiBrows Blade for PhiRemoval makes the removal of any old, unwanted permanent makeup easier than ever. It doesn’t only make the job of the technician easier, but also brings the discomfort to a minimum.


Gift Card

To wraps things up, here’s an idea for a present that won’t go unnapreciated! If you’re looking to surprise a friend or family member in the PMU industry, what better way than with our PhiBrows Gift Card? The value chosen can be redeemed for any product on our website.


Check out all our newest products, as well as those well-known and loved ones, on official PhiShop USA website.

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