PhiBrows Training Financing at Art of Beauty Academy: Learn Now, Pay As You Go! by

PhiBrows Training Financing at Art of Beauty Academy: Learn Now, Pay As You Go!

Permanent makeup treatments are incredibly popular at the moment and are bound to be sought after for a long time, so for anyone considering starting a career as a permanenet makeup artist, now is the time to start training. All the benefits of starting a microblading career are undeniable, but in order to do that, you must first go through proper training and obtain a certificate.

Investing in a microblading training course is bound to pay off, but you do need a starting capital of several thousand dollars. If for whatever reason microblading training financing is problematic and you can’t pay the sum straight out of your pocket in one go, don’t worry, there’s an alternative way for you to obtain financing for microblading classes! Now you have the option of taking out a loan through PayPal Credit.


Why Invest in a Microblading Training?

Permanent makeup is an extremely profitable business. The demand for quality permanent makeup treatments is huge, so the artists are quite busy! Microblading is a great career to switch to because, in order to attend the training course, you don’t need any prior experience in the field. So it’s also a great option for anyone fresh out of high-school.

There are two options when it comes to training: the online course, and the live training course. Live training gives you hands-on experience, but online training is much more practical for students or people who already have jobs. Either way, official training from master artists is the only way to obtain the knowledge and skill, not to mention the certificate you need to start working.

Once you’ve obtained your certificate, you can start working. An average microblading session is priced anywhere from $300 to $800, so you’ll pay off what you invested in no time.

How Much Does a Microblading Training Cost?

Being trained by a renowned master artist gives any newbie credibility and attracts clients, so it’s definitely worth investing in a quality course. PhiBrows live trainings are two-day events that cover all the basics of microblading and include practice. The full price of a PhiBrows live training is $3500 dollars, but don’t be discouraged, permanent make up financial aid is now available.

Is There Financing for PhiBrows Training at Art of Beauty Academy?

There is microblading training financial aid in the form of a microblading training payment plan – a loan you pay off in instalments. It is now possible to take out a PayPal loan through PayPal Credit in order to finance any of our training courses, both online and live training.

What is PayPal Credit and How Does it Work?

PayPal Credit is a proprietary payment method accepted by Art of Beauty Academy. All you need in order to get permanent makeup school financial aid and purchase a training course through PayPal Credit is to be a registered PayPal user*. The reason why PayPal Credit is a practical option is the fact that there is no interest if the sum is paid in full in 6 months. If approved, it is automatically added to your account with PayPal. No card numbers, nor expiration dates to think about.

Of course, you must be approved by the company in order to get the loan. Once your request is approved, what you’ll know within seconds, the full price of the training course is paid through PayPal Credit. You pay the sum back in installments.

*Limitations apply.

Can I Use PayPal Credit to Cover a Part of the Price?

No. PayPal Credit is only available for full payments.

How Can I Find Microblading Training with Financial Aid Near Me?

PhiBrows master artists hold live training events all over the country in English and Spanish. You can see all the upcoming courses here. The online course is an alternative which is accessible to anyone at any time.

The online training is also a significantly more economical option, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re a bit short on cash.


Additional Information

If you have any further questions about the possible microblading training payment plan or the training itself, feel free to contact us!

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