How Phibrows Microblading is Revolutionizing Eyebrows

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique of shaping and drawing eyebrows. The treatment is done by inserting the pigment and creating micro-cuts under the surface layer of skin. This creates a natural look, which can later be customized and retouched.

That’s an amazing innovation in the beauty business. Yet, with all those methods floating around, the questions arises. What is the right one for your face?

With the rise of permanent makeup in the beauty industry there are numerous styles and techniques to choose from. They all support their own features and benefits. However, only Phibrows has such a unique methodology.

Ranging from outstanding shape symmetry, calculation based on the golden ratio, unique tools and products, to specially-crafted courses, the Phibrows methodology stands above all other norms of permanent makeup. Shining a truly different light on eyebrows and the cosmetics industry.

The Golden Ratio

The very basis of the Phibrows methodology is the golden ratio. Also known as the golden mean, it originally comes from mathematics signifying divine proportion. Master Branko Babić used this idea to create a method for drawing eyebrows custom designed to match the face of each person. The concept is applied with theoretical knowledge of color theory, face anatomy and skin anatomy to make eyebrows look almost perfectly real and natural.

In practice, the golden mean is used to calculate and mark facial symmetry, which brings all the proportions of the face together. So even if each person has a different face, the rules of proportion always remain the same and can be applied.

The use of the golden ratio truly changed the game. By calculating the angles according to natural facial symmetry, it is possible to draw eyebrows on any client. So now, even clients that tweeze or pluck too much can have brows perfectly aligned with their face.

How Phibrows Microblading is Revolutionizing Eyebrows by


Revolutionary PhiBrows Microblading Tools

Still, the treatment couldn’t be accomplished without special microblading tools. That’s why PhiBrows created their own blades (and nanoblades), and pigments.

The blades are sharp and designed for piercing the skin according to specific dimension. On the one hand, their purpose is to create incisions of various sizes, and on the other their design allows easy strokes to be performed. The fine cuts resemble individual hair follicles and are the main reason the eyebrows look so natural.

However, the custom created pigments are the ones responsible for the refined color. Based on a series of signature formulas, pigments are still continuously developed. To introduce new colors, but also to refine existing ones. A perfect example would be the new SUPE formula.

The problem of warmer color, especially yellowish or blonde, was that the pigment wouldn’t last for more than a year. The SUPE formula completely changed that, and finally brought warmer colors to permanent makeup by fusing synthetic and organic materials.

On top of blades, pigments and PhiBrows are responsible for other tools as well. All are available inside the Phibrows microblading kit, which is included in both live and online microblading courses.

Revolutionary PhiBrows Microblading Tools


The New Semi-Permanent Technique

The Phibrows treatment is semi-permanent. While it is popularly known as “tattooing” your face, the procedure isn’t permanent, because the face needs to be retouched approximately once a year. Other than that, it doesn’t require any regular professional maintenance.

This leaves room for experimentation. Clients are free to modify their eyebrows according to the latest trends, or even search for their own look.  Whatever the case, if a client is satisfied you are set for at least a year.

The drawing technique is also particularly unique, since it uses a special stroking method – another reason for the natural look. The technique mimics the natural direction of hairs, and is something Pippa O’Connor can testify.


The PhiBrow Methodology

Lastly, the mission of Art of Beauty Academy is to find the essence of beauty with each treatment and every client. To achieve this we needed a special kind of technique. A technique that personifies this. That’s why we chose the Phibrows methodology.

Several features of this method stand out from the competition, most notably:

  • The ability to draw eyebrows according to each person’s face
  • The use of the golden ratio to calculate symmetry
  • The drawing technique which allows a natural look to be created
  • Customization according to client demands or trends
  • Revolutionary tools and pigments created specifically for microblading

The PhiBrow Methodology

Artistry Through Customization

Most of all, the Phibrows methodology calls for total artistry through customization. With various tools and pigments it is possible to accomplish any look you envision. The choice is yours, whether you go for the buzz of the moment or something completely unique.

A true testimonial to this are countless webpages titled “before and after”. Not to mention numerous Facebook and Instagram photos.

At the first, most people just want to “try out” eyebrow microblading. Then it needs to be redone after 4 weeks of the initial treatment. After that, clients open themselves up to experiments in order to find their own look, while microblading technicians can expose their true artistry through customization.

That’s what beauty treatments should be all about – highlighting the hidden beauty by shedding some new light. Surely, that’s just another amazing reason why Phibrows are still revolutionizing brows.


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