How Much Does PhiBrows Microblading Training Cost and Is It Worth It?

As of right now, microblading is one of the most popular permanent cosmetic treatments in the world. In fact, 83% of permanent cosmetic professionals around the globe have microblading as part of their service. It’s no wonder then the popularity of microblading trainings  has skyrocketed in recent years.

And these cosmetic professionals were once students, too. When it comes to how the microblading skills are learned, over 78% of past students chose some form of training to get certified. That number is divided among:

  • students who chose online courses (23%);
  • those who opted for live workshops (35%);
  • and other informal forms of learning (20%).

Another thing to consider is the fact that there are at least 50 trainings happening each month in the USA alone. Chief among these are PhiBrows Microblading Trainings – the international leader of microblading education.

The popularity of PhiBrows comes down to their tried and tested standard that achieves results. As of right now, this type of training is responsible for getting over 70,000 microblading professionals certified – more than any other brand or training available out there.

But, when you do consider choosing a PhiBrows training, there are a few things to take into account. The most important among these is the price of  the course. Before you make a decision and invest in a microblading career, here’s the complete rundown of how much it will cost you, and more importantly is it worth the money you spend.

How Much Does PhiBrows Microblading Training Cost and Is It Worth It? by

How Much Does PhiBrows Live Microblading Training Cost?

The cost of a PhiBrows Live Microblading Training is $3500. The price can be higher and reach $4000, but can’t be less than $3500. This price point ensures the training is never undervalued and guarantees the training students receive is worth their money.

All live courses are organized by a skilled Phi Master Artist. It’s up to the instructor to determine the final price for their trainings. That’s why some trainings are more expensive.

How much an instructor charges you depends on the price of renting out the training facilities, their commission, and any add-ons not prescribed by official PhiBrows guidelines. This may include anything from additional lunches for students during the training to arranged transportation to and from your hotel.

Another factor might be the popularity of one instructor over others. Popular instructors can drive demand and they can choose to take advantage of that to raise the price of their trainings.

According to a study by the Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals, over 70% of artists have paid $1500-5000 for microblading training without the necessary equipment and materials. When you take those numbers into account, the price of a PhiBrows Live Microblading Training has an outstanding price to quality ratio.

Microblading Training Price

What’s Included in the Price?

According to PhiBrows guidelines, there are specific things that must always be included in every live microblading training. These things will make up the price of your training.

The first thing every course must include is a Premium Microblading Kit. The kit is intended for students, but all of the products inside are used by certified artists and masters, alike. The price of this kit is a fixed $1200, but it comes free with each live training.

When you unpack the free microblading kit for the first time, you can expect to receive over 50 individual tools and products. It contains enough material for up to 90 microblading sessions. The kit will serve you during training and after when you continue practicing and during your first sessions as a certified artist.

As part of the live course, you also get eleven levels of theoretical and practical knowledge, one-on-one demonstrations, a live model to practice your skills, tips, tricks and best practices when it comes to starting your microblading business. All of this is covered by the commission fee.

An average PhiBrows live training usually lasts nine to ten hours, so lunch is always provided to students. The quality of lunch depends on the instructor. In most instances, once lunch is something fast that doesn’t stop the momentum of the lecture. The other is a restaurant-type lunch where students get to bond with one another and interact at a more personal level with their trainer. This price depends on the instructor and the choice of restaurant (food) you agree to.

After successfully finishing their training, PhiBrows students receive a certificate of attendance and six months to complete their certification. The instructor also provides unlimited support following the training, and in most cases, students get certified in three to six weeks (depending on their skills).

Live PhiBrows Microblading Training Cost

Are There Additional Costs of Live Training?

Yes, there are. Apart from the price you pay for the live training, you will encounter additional expenses which can amount to $1000 depending on your location and the location where the training is held.

The biggest expense for most students is the price of transport and accommodation. Statistics reveal that 33.1% of microblading professionals traveled over 500 miles inside the country to receive their training.

The amount you can expect to pay to reach the training destination depends on the mode of travel you choose and the distance you need to travel. According to Transtats, a flight inside the US is $347.33.

You also have the option of taking the train or bus. If you choose one of these options, keep in mind the longer travel time and adjust your departure accordingly. And in case you choose to drive there yourself, keep in mind that gas prices differ from state to state. California usually has the most expensive price per gallon, while the cheapest is in South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Additionally, you will need to book an accommodation. To cut costs, try to contact another student with whom you can split the price of a rental on Airbnb or

There is an additional cost when you pay for training. Usually, the processing fee regardless of the method of payment you choose is 2.5-3%. So, the fee for a full payment can be $90-150, while the deposit fee is around $20. Keep in mind that the deposit is only the first payment you will have to make.

The final payments before the training you will have to make is for government-issued certificates which allow you to practice microblading. The first is a bloodborne pathogen and communicable disease certificate (at your local Red Cross) for a fee of $25. The other one is a state-issued PMU or tattoo license, which you can get at your state’s HHS office.

As for post-training expenses, the main expense is practice. Professionals feel that at least eight full microblading procedures are necessary before you get certified. When you finish the training you will have one under your belt, but you will need to find models and a sterilized facility to carry out other microblading treatments.

How Much Does PhiBrows Online Microblading Training Cost?

A good PhiBrows Online Microblading Training costs $1800. Unlike live trainings, this is a standard average price. Depending on your location the price can be lower ($1500), or higher ($2500) based on additional expenses, your instructor, and where you buy the online course.

Just like live courses, the final price of online courses is determined by the instructor. This is usually a Phi Master, but a PhiBrows Royal Artist can also sell online trainings as a retailer for the PhiAcademy.

In most cases, the difference in price comes down to where you purchase the online course, both with regards to your physical location and the website you buy it from. An instructor can require more money because of shipping expenses or because they feel the level of expertise and support they provide requires a larger profit margin.

When it comes to the quality of the PhiBrows online courses, it is unsurpassed considering how little you pay. No other online training has a larger community with over 70,000 users around the world. All these microblading artists are connected via the online app, sharing their expertise and allowing beginners to catch some tips and secrets they might have missed otherwise.

PhiBrows is also the leader when it comes to digital content, both in terms of quantity and quality. The free material, including 4K videos, tutorials, and guides, are readily available via the online microblading course and their production also constitutes the price.

PhiBrows Learning App

What’s Included in the Price?

PhiBrows Online Microblading Trainings always contain key features that enable you to adopt microblading theory and techniques by yourself. All of these elements bundled together create the final price of the course.

Just like the live training, the main element of the online course is the PhiBrows Premium Microblading Kit. It contains the same products, tools and practice materials, with the same price tag of $1200. The only difference between the two kits is that this one will be shipped directly to your door.

The second key element included in the price is access to the Craft Master App since it is your main source of learning. The app contains all of the lectures you would usually go through at a live training and is neatly divided into eleven easy-to-follow levels.

As you advance through each level you access a new video lecture. These lectures cover different theory, skills and best practices associated with microblading. Like most tutorials, you will need to complete various tasks as you go along, and send the results via email to the instructor for evaluation.

The instructor you buy the training from is responsible for the supervision of your progress. You will be able to communicate online with them via mail, text or live call. It depends on your agreement, but you can expect to receive unlimited support during the learning period.

According to the PhiBrows standard, you will have a maximum of six months to complete the training and get certified. For most students, this period is significantly shorter, and they finish their online course inside eight to ten weeks.

Apart from regular lectures (the mentioned 11 levels), you also gain access to additional online educational resources. These materials include detailed photos of specific maneuvers, before, during and after images of the whole microblading procedure. It also contains video tutorials, plus articles guides that help you master the skills necessary to gain certification.

PhiBrows Craftmaster

Are There Additional Costs of Online Training?

When it comes to online microblading trainings, the additional costs of this type of training can amount to $100-500. This largely depends on your background and location.

The first major expense not included in the price of training is the shipping fee for your microblading kit. Once you place the order for an online training, the PhiBrows premium kit is sent to the address you provide in the application form.

Most training centers in the US send packages using UPS, FedEx, Post Office so make sure to research their location and calculate the shipment cost. It’s quite a different price if the kit is shipped from Miami to Seattle, than from Miami to Atlanta.

Similar to live microblading training, you will be required to pay the 2.5-3% processing fees and the compensation for state-issued licenses for practicing microblading.

Beginners without a background in the beauty industry also need to consider the price of practicing microblading on live models. A full microblading procedure requires a clean, disinfected and sanitized facility, and beginners will either need to invest in sanitation of their personal studio or rent out an existing beauty salon.

How Can You Pay for Training?

After you decide what microblading training, you can now register for the training. To do this, you will have to complete the payment for the course choosing one of two payment options available to you.

The first way to register is to pay for the training in full. A successful full payment automatically registers you for the training be it live or online. You will receive an email confirming this.

The second payment option you can use is the deposit scheme. Depending on the instructor, the amount of the deposit can be anywhere from $500 to $1500. After you make the initial payment, you will need to pay the remaining amount to complete the registration for the class. Keep in mind, this payment option is usually only reserved for live courses.

You should also be aware that there are several methods you can use to complete your payment. This includes both online and physical payment methods, including credit card, bank deposits, cashier’s check and cash.

When using a credit card or a direct deposit, most of the times you will have to pay off the training one week before the training begins. However, when using a cashier’s check or cash you can bring the entire amount to the date of the training. In that case, you will be required to reserve your spot by contacting the instructor beforehand and provide some assurance of your attendance.

Despite these helpful means, the price of training remains a sizable investment for most people. Therefore, it’s completely understandable that most instructors offer some form of aid to students.

One of the most popular is financing with PayPal Credit. To see if you are eligible, all you have to do is contact the instructor and request a credit form. If you qualify, you can expect to receive the amount you request the same day and complete the payment for the training you have chosen.

How Much Money Can You Earn from Microblading?

In recent years, PhiBrows has revolutionized eyebrow treatment to such an extent that it has become one of the most popular semi-permanent beauty treatments in America.

Today, a professional permanent makeup artist receives 16 new clients each month. According to statistics, there has been a rise in new procedures by 75% since 2012. With a price range of $400-1500 per treatment, this growing demand has made it possible for artists to create lucrative careers just from microblading.

The price of microblading relies on two factors: location and competition. When it comes to location, the average price in New York, for example, is $425, but due to competition, some treatments can be as low as $275. This price tag is still higher than the average price in Chicago, where artists offer their services for $225. On the West Coast, the price is highest and microblading goes for $450-500.

As for competition between microblading artists, it is highest in major cities across the USA. Los Angeles has the highest number of professionals with 299, then Miami with 160, San Francisco with 148 and New York with 147. Apart from these cities, competition is quite high in Washington, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Tampa, and Philadelphia.

And this isn’t the only way microblading artists can earn money from microblading. Most clients need touch up procedures and additional treatment. The average price of these can be as high as $675. This doesn’t include initial touch-ups, as most artists agree these should remain included in the price of a regular treatment. However, artists still claim to have around 10 maintenance visits during each month.

In order to calculate how much money can be earned with microblading, you also need to take into account the low working hours. Once you complete around 100 hours (two-three months), you can expect to complete a full session within two hours. While maintenance appointments last less, taking an hour to complete at the most.

So now, if you imagine yourself as a fully certified artist working just 50 hours a month you can easily earn $10,000. This number includes completing 20 full treatments at a price of $400 and 10 touch-up sessions at $150. With a PhiBrows live microblading training costing $3500, you almost triple your investment after the first month. By all accounts, that’s an amazing return.

Is Microblading Wort It

So, Is It Worth It?

When it comes to choosing a career path, price isn’t everything. However, it certainly helps to have a clear picture of how much of an investment you will have to make in order to succeed. So, we hope reading this helped you take the next step.

Finally, keep in mind that becoming a successful microblading artist requires investing more than just money. You will have to put in the time and effort to practice, develop and improve your technique with every skill you make. Only then can you reap the rewards of your endeavor and determine if microblading really is worth it.

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