Permanent Makeup and Regaining Confidence: How Is It Possible? by

Permanent Makeup and Regaining Confidence: How Is It Possible?

Regaining your confidence is definitely a tricky endeavor, especially if you lost it due to a serious illness. Or, simply, if you’re a person that’s very self-conscious. Different therapies and talking to people can help out, but it will take some time to learn to appreciate yourself. However, even though it wasn’t the case before, semi permanent makeup can help you in this department, too.

But how? What is so special about semi-permanent and permanent makeup treatments that can help you forget about the person you once were and see yourself in a completely different light? The answer is simple – no matter if you went through a serious illness or you’re simply not satisfied with something on your face, this cosmetic tattooing procedure can help you fix whatever needs to be fixed, and thus boost your confidence.

It Can Help You After a Serious Illness

Many people try to judge permanent and semi-permanent makeup, without actually thinking about all the positive things they carry with them. For example, one of the most important ways in which permanent makeup can help a person regain his or her self-confidence is by giving them back something that life had taken. Cancer survivors, for example, opt for different PMU procedures as it helps them a lot in boosting their confidence once again.

Not only is eyebrow microblading and microshading a great treatment for all who lost their body hair due to chemotherapy, there is also an amazing procedure that could be great for all the survivors of breast cancer. Namely, nipple and areola reconstruction can help them feel more comfortable about their own breasts, without being afraid to show them to anyone.

It Can Help You Be Less Self-Conscious

Another group of people that could benefit from the perks of semi permanent makeup are people who would like to fix something on their face they’re not satisfied with. Apart from eyebrow microblading and microshading (which is a great option for everyone who simply can’t have the desired eyebrows or have gone through chemotherapy), there is the option of lip makeup that can fix any issues with the lips, such as scarring or cleft lips.

Being completely satsfied with a body part you have been self-conscious about is something that we should all encourage. This is a proof that permanent makeup is not there simply to make you prettier – it’s there to give people what they need to feel happy and satisfied once again.

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It Can Deal With Hair Loss

Finally, it’s not only women who can benefit from the perks of permanent and semi permanent makeup. Men often suffer from hair loss and receding hairline, and the procedure of scalp micropigmentation can certainly help them out. Feeling self-conscious after starting to lose hair is a very common issue with men, and this is the procedure that will restore their confidence once again. One option is the perfect treatment for all men who are bold and who are not happy about that.

Scalp micropigmentation mimics hair so that it looks that they have full hair that’s simply always extremely short. Not only is this cheaper than hair transplant, but it’s also more effective (as hair transplant is not always successful). Moreover, there is the option of shading the bold spots in the hair so that the hair looks fuller. This is an option that women also opt for, as one of the biggest fears of a woman is to start losing their hair in certain spots due to stress or different illnesses.

However, hair loss doesn’t always have to be connected with hair as we know it. There are different medical conditions during which parts of eyebrows stop growing or becoming bold, and eyebrow microblading is the best option here.

An Important Tip

A very important thing to bear in mind is that you should always look for an artist that’s certified. Remember that a good artist can either make or break your final look, so it’s important not to save money. Even though different salons and artists have different prices, higher prices are often justified. Do your homework beforehand, and check the artist’s or salon’s before and after photographs – this should be a good indicator of the quality of the services they offer.

There’s no other aesthetic treatment that can boost your confidence. Semi permanent and permanent makeup can definitely do wonders and save lives. It’s a great option for everyone who feel they need to change something about themselves in order to be happier and fully content with the way they look.

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