Need a Career Change? Here's How to Start from Zero in Microblading by

Need a Career Change? Here’s How to Start from Zero in Microblading

In our fast paced world, stressful jobs and being stuck behind a desk is common. So if you decide to take your life back into your hands and change careers, you might find yourself lost and confused. Luckily, the job market is expanding every day and new professions are emerging.

One of the more recent profitable professions is microblading artist. If you’re a beauty enthusiast who has finally decided to cash in your passion, or you’re already working in beauty but want to reorient to a more lucrative and exciting field, here is a full guide on how to find your way in the microblading world.

Starting From Scratch

Once you’ve done the reaserch on what microblading actually is and made the definite decision to get into it, the first step is making a preliminary plan.

1. Enroll a Licensed Microblading Course

You cannot work as a permanent makeup technician without finishing a course at an accredited training centre or beauty school.

You don’t need any prior experience working in beauty in order to enroll a course, which is why microblading is relatively practical to transition to; your age or what you did before doesn’t matter, as long as you’re willing to invest time, effort and energy into the transition and constant learning down the line.

2. Get Enough Experience

The second very important decision you must make is whether you’ll work at a salon, or start your own business. The best option might be to work for someone else for a while to obtain experience, then invest into your business.

Before deciding, consider your personality. In order to be the boss, you’ll need a lot of discipline and the ability to multitask. If you’re working at a salon, make sure you can handle the workload. In any case, good communication skills are a must.

3. Consider the Initial Investments

When it comes to finance, the only inevitable investment is a quality course. If you decide to start a business, you will also need to invest in equipment (a bed for clients, tools and supplies) and workspace.

So make sure you have the initial capital before you start your journey. Once you start earning, you can invest your profit into expansion

Reorientation From a Similar Profession

Making a transition from a job in the same niche is slightly more practical, but you will still need to do the work. Of course, you will need to take a microblading course, even if you already work as a aesthetician. If you by now have your own beauty business, you can use your existing workspace. Just invest into some new equipment and a bit of rebranding.

You will already have a built clientele, so use this to your advantage. You can reach out to them and offer them your new service. You will also already have an Instagram page or website set up, you’ll only need a bit of updating.


Choosing a quality course is top priority. Both live microblading trainings and online courses are available, so consider which option best suits your lifestyle. If you still haven’t quit your previous job, taking an online course simultainously might be the better option.

The PhiBrows microblading courses are comprehensive 6-month trainings that cover theory on all aspects of microblading, and practice on props and models, all lead by PhiBrows master artists who are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced.

Hard Work & Dedication

Bear in mind, the competition is getting strong in the microblading game, so in order to stand out, your technique must be top notch. This is achieved through hard work. Microblading is a skill that is learned through experience. To become a successful artist, you need to train your hand and eye by doing as many pairs of brows as possible (first on props, than on live models, and eventually on clients).

The PhiBrows concept includes guidance from master artists even after the course is over, so you’ll have all the support you need. Don’t take our word for it; check out the stories of numerous satisfied trainees here.

Once you’ve obtained your certificate of completion and license, you can either find a job at a salon or start your own business from home or at another location.

The Benefits of Being a PhiBrows Artist

The most obvious benefit of being a microblading artists are the earnings. An average two-hour session costs anywhere from $350 to $800. You can start at lower pricing, and gradually raise your prices as you’re making a name for yourself.

Another benefit is flexibility. If you go for free lancing, you can take on as many or as few clients as you want. You can also work from home, which is perfect for moms who want to dedicate more time to their kids, but also keep working. Such flexibility eliminates stress, so you won’t only make good money, you’ll enjoy the work.

Final Thoughts

Microblading is an exciting, dynamic profession. It’s the perfect way to channel creativity and passion for beauty into something profitable. With a bit of persistence and a lot of work, you’re bound to succeed!

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