Microblading Training Online: Everything You Need to Know

The brow game has never been stronger. If you think about it carefully, eyebrows were not that important 10 or 20 years ago. Surely, it was important to have nice eyebrows for the world to show, but the bar has been raised even higher in the previous years, with many people opting for microbladed eyebrows. This is why a career in microblading is a very exciting one, and if you really have the nose for this type of job, you should definitely pursue it.

Since it might be very difficult for you to choose of the many live trainings that are on the market, you can always opt for getting your microblading certification online. Getting an online training in microblading will definitely save you the time of actually commuting to a certain place to get your knowledge and yet is as efficient as that.

And precisely this is why you’re here. If you really thought about pursuing your career in microblading and wanted to choose a microblading training online but have no idea how much efficient and recommended that is, take a look:

What Kind of Trainings Are There?

There are two kinds of trainings for microblading eyebrows. The first one are 2-day long live microblading trainings, best done by PhiBrows, which are regular worshops on microblading. It’s a training that involves live instructors who teaches attendants on different skills that they will find of the utmost importance once they get their certification. Apart from the expected theoretical knowledge they would get, students get to work with different microblading tools and practice everything on skin simulators, while some might even work with live models. Live microblading trainings last for about 2 to 3 days and are more expensive than the online ones.

The second option are online microblading trainings, during which students get to acquire their knowledge through an application from the comfort of their own home. This article will focus on this option, outlining the benefits of online microblading trainings, costs and it will determine who the best candidates for this option are.

Microblading Training Online: Everything You Need to Know by artofbeautyacademy.com

What Is Microblading Training Online?

Microblading trainings online, or best known structured PhiBrows online microblading training is a virtual microblading simulation, training and eventually certification that you can finish from the comfort of your home. It is dedicated to beginners exclusively, and students who opt for such trainings greatly rely on the online material that is provided by the company who organizes the training. The package includes video materials, guides, audio instructions and texts of different sorts – everything that is of the utmost importance for the beginner to learn and master this technique.

Contrary to live trainings, which last approximately three days, the microblading training online lasts up to several months. In the case of the PhiBrows online training, the training limit is up to 6 months during which you are required to finish the tasks and get your certificate. The course starts once the students successfully log into their Craft Master microblading application.

If you happen to choose the PhiBrows online training you will be provided with all the video, audio and textual instructions that you need. However, if you want to speed up your game, PhiBrows offer a wide range of latex equipment that you can use to gain practice as well and can be bought throughout the Art of Beauty online store or the official PhiAcademy online store. All the products were made out of latex of the highest quality which greatly resembles the texture and the softness of the skin. By combining these two, you will get a great learning experience that you will most definitely master in the planned 6 months.

Craftmaster App for Microblading Training Online

The Biggest Advantage of Online Microblading Training: The Price

There are many reasons why microblading trainings online are popular, but probably the most important one is the price.

The good thing is that no online microblading training exceeds the price of $2000. By paying that amount you’re paying everything as there are no additional costs nor extra purchases that you need to make (unless you want to, but that is up to the student). By signing up for PhiBrows Microblading Certification Course that’s offered by the Art of Beauty Academy, you will be receiving all the necessary tools to succeed in your training and master the technique of microblading eyebrows. Namely, you will receive the Craft Master microblading app, a PhiBrows premium microblading kit, access to all the lectures and individual resources (such as photos, videos and various guides), and six months of ongoing support and supervision.

Not only is the price of the training itself cheaper than live microblading training; but you get to save on other things as well. You cut costs on travel and accommodation because you get to learn everything from the comfort of your own home. You will be learning, gaining experience and getting the certificate while sitting in your own armchair, online, without any other additional costs. The communication between you and your supervisor can be achieved throughout e-mails that you will be sending to one another, which means that the only thing that you need is to have stable Internet access.

Another Benefit: Video Classes

Even though it is believed by many that nothing beats audience engagement and speaking directly to the people who are in the same business as you, the microblading community is a bit different. Namely, you will get to work with one customer at a time, so working on your audience engagement skills is not necessary. Moreover, talking about different experiences and talking to people who do the same job as you do can be accomplished through various classes or seminars once you get your certification.

As already mentioned, online trainings come with a wide range of video lessons which might be the future of education in general. Video learning is extremely popular among adults, to such extent that video will account for more than 80% of all consumer Internet traffic, at least according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast.

This is very important for the adaptability of your training. When you have your own training resource, you can always focus on the things that you think are the most important or that you want to excel. This is why videos are great for learning. You can always go back to the specific moment and see in detail what the technician is doing, and thus perfecting your skills. Moreover, classroom and group trainings are not focused on individuals as the instructor is supposed to better a group of people at the same time.

PhiBrows Online Microblading Classes

You Can Learn At Your Own Pace

Another benefit of opting for a microblading training online is that you get to acquire all the knowledge at your own pace. Due to the fact that you have 6 months in order to learn everything tell a lot about this situation – there might be days during which you don’t feel like learning, so it’s quite possible to skip them, which is definitely not the case with live trainings where you are supposed to be at a certain place at a specific time.

Who’s The Best Candidate For A Microblading Training Online?

The correct answer to this question is – everyone. This is something that highly recommended to all individuals interested in becoming a microblading makeup artist, both due to its perks and the fact that is a cheaper option. However, the students who should definitely opt for getting microblading certification online are the ones who are extremely busy and have many other responsibilities.

It’s easier for a person who doesn’t have a job or kids to attend a live microblading training. However, if you have kids, or a job with a lot of responsibilities, the microblading training online might be great for you. Not only because students get to learn at their own pace, but because they last for 6 months during which they will definitely master all that’s asked from them. It’s also possible to pause your training if something comes up, which would be completely impossible during live microblading trainings.

Moreover, this is ideal for all the people who are in the beauty industry and want to expand their business by adding microblading eyebrows to the table. Due to the fact that they cannot afford travelling in order to receive their training as they don’t have that much time on their hands, this comes as a great option. Watching the video materials can be paused at any time, so they will be encouraged to learn a new skill while at their work waiting for the next customer.

Supportive Community

PhiBrows is definitely revolutionizing eyebrows throughout its online community. All students, especially the ones who get their microblading certification online will be encouraged to share their work online and engage in the work of others, as well. The virtual meeting grounds is a great place to support everyone who’s doing the same as you do, which definitely work on one’s motivation. Getting different points of view and learning about the experiences of others might significantly enhance your work and technique.

Supportive PhiBrows Online Community

Final Thoughts

Even though both live microblading training and microblading training online have its perks, the latter is an excellent option for everyone who wants to learn this skill from the comfort of their own home, or busy people. It provides everything that the student needs, and gives them plenty of time to master and excel the skills before getting certified.

If you chose the online training and you realize that you would enjoy more attending live trainings, it’s possible to make your transfer. You will just be asked to pay the difference in the prices and bring your microblading kit with you. Which means that you can always start with the online training sessions. Find microblading trainings online near you and start this adventure!

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