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PhiBrows Microblading Training Course
Chicago, Illinois USA

Turn Your Skills into Certified Art

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During the course you’ll receive a Professional Premium Microblading Kit for up to 80 clients.

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The microblading courses allow you to practice techniques on both artificial and live models.

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Get access to the CraftMaster that contains exclusive measuring tools and customer profile storage. Photos, Videos, Animations, Lectures and customer profile storage.

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24/7 access and Life Time Support. Access to hundreds of students and successful artist around the world. Access to Doctor for medical questions!

2-Day Microblading Training in Chicago

Join our microblading training in Chicago and turn the skills you learn into a certified, high-income art at our 2-day live event.

Live microblading classes in Chicago are organized by Art of Beauty Academy USA and taught by PhiBrows master artist Gabriela Addie. This comprehensive course covers everything from theory, skill training and practice on live models. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of their previous experience level.

As part of our microblading classes in Chicago, you will receive a free PhiBrows microblading kit, as well as 6 months of ongoing support and training supervision via the Craft Master app. Plus, you will receive a certificate of attendance and a chance to get an official PhiBrows Certificate provided by world-renowned PhiAcademy. This allows you to become a professional microblading artist, and turn the skills you learn into a profitable and highly successful business model with low working hours.

✔️  2-Day Microblading Course Chicago

✔️ Free PhiBrows Premium Microblading Kit

✔️ PhiBrows Microblading Certificate

✔️ Free access to the Craft Master App

✔️ Six Months Unlimited Support & Supervision

✔️ Free microblading materials

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23-03-25 Phibrows Microblading Training Chicago – Mar 25/26

23-03-25 Phibrows Microblading Training Chicago – Mar 25/26

Price and Payment Plans

Financing Available

  • Full Payment ($3500) + Processing Fees

This payment option allows you to pay for the microblading classes in Chicago in full. When you complete the payment your balance will be $0.00 and we will register you for the course. A confirmation email will be sent to you afterwards.

  •  Deposit Payment ($600) + Processing Fees

A deposit payment is obligatory to reserve your place at PhiBrows training in Chicago.

A deposit is only an initial payment you must complete before the course. Next, your remaining balance will be $2900, plus a processing fee. To finish the registration, you will have to pay the remaining balance one week before the start date of the class when paying with card, or on the day of the class when paying with cash.

Call us or send us a message and request a financing form to see if you qualify for same-day financing.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique of shaping and drawing eyebrows by hand. The process involves creating micro-cuts on the surface-layer of the skin and filling them with pigment. This creates a natural look, while the shape of the brow is calculated according to the golden intersection and facial symmetry.

What will you learn?

Our microblading classes in Chicago are an intensive 2-day workshop taught by PhiBrows master artist Gabriela Addie. According to the PhiBrows standard, the course is divided into 11 levels that break up each topic, skill and technique in microblading into an easy, step-by-step guide.

What makes this live PhiBrows training in Chicago so valuable is the opportunity to practice your skills on live models. Furthermore, at course expect to learn everything about hairstroke customization methods, proper tool sterilization and safety, as well as matching different color pigments with client’s hair color. What’s more, creating own eyebrow styles and customizing them for different clients face shape is also covered, as many more things:

✔️   Facial structure and proportions

✔️  Different skin types

✔️   Different hair types

✔️   Aftercare instructions

✔️   Handling client consultations

✔️   Dealing with skin problems

✔️   Proper use of anesthetics

✔️   Material use and keeping

✔️   Essential safety practices

✔️   Industry secrets & tricks

✔️   And much more

✔️  Microblading hair-stroke techniques

✔️  Measuring eyebrows using the Craft Master App

✔️  Shaping eyebrows according to the golden ratio

✔️  Calculating symmetry with the Craft Master App

✔️  Equipment use and sterilization

✔️  Work area sanitation

✔️  Skin-stretching techniques

✔️  Applying pressure to the skin

✔️  Different pressure levels

✔️  Filling micro-cuts with pigment

✔️  Color-matching best practices

Training schedule overview for Microblading Classes in Chicago

DAY 1:

09:00 – Registration and signing contracts

10:00 – Basic information about the course

10:15 – Golden ratio and how to shape eyebrows

10:45 – Material overview and handling tools

11:00 – Drawing strokes on skin simulation (latex)

11:15 – Level 1

11:30 – Level 2

11:45 – Levels 3 and 4

12:00 – Break

12:15 – Level 5

12:30 – Level 6

12:45 – Levels 7 and 8

13:00 – Lunch break

14:00 – Accessing and using the Craft Master App

15:00 – Theory lecture about microblading

DAY 2:

    09:00 – Positioning based on practice and work from the previous day

    10:00 – Practice on live models:

         Drawing the shape using the PhiBrows app and      calculating symmetry

         Learning how to correctly stretch skin

         Learning how to use anesthetics

         Learning how to fill in pigment and apply different      levels of pressure to the skin

  • 13:00 – Lunch break

    14:00 – Continuing practice on live models

    16:45 – Q & A

    17:00 – Handing out Certificates of Attendance

Make sure to check the beginning time with the organizer.

The Premium Kit

When you purchase microblading training in Chicago, you will get a free PhiBrows professional microblading kit included in the price of the training. The kit is essential part of your training, since it provides you with all the necessary tools and products of premium quality, used by professional artists. In addition, you will be able to use the kit afterwards, on up to 80 clients once you finish the course!

Take a closer look inside the PhiBrows Premium Kit:  

 free premium PhiBrows kit for microblading training
opened PhiBrows premium kit
tools and products inside PhiBrows kit


  • Self Adhesive Pigment Container 50pcs
  • Scissors & Tweezers 1pc
  • Universal Holder 1pc
  • PhiCompas 1pc
  • Pencils 2pcs
  • Dispossable Tools 30pcs
  • PhiBlade U-304 50pcs
  • Stroke Marker 1pc
  • Latex 3pcs

After Care:

  • PhiShield Skin Candy 50pcs
  • Skin Candy & PhiTopic (After Care, AntiShock 1, AntiShock 2, Scar Protection, Sun & Sweat Protection)
  • PhiWipes After Care 5pcs
  • PhiWipes Makeup Remover 5pcs
  • PhiWipes Makeup Block Tonic 1pc


  • Premium Pigment Colors (Brown 1, Brown 2, Brown 3, Golden Brown, Fox) 10pcs
  • Professional Pigment Colors (Black, Red, Yellow) 3pcs

Get Certified and Licence Your Art

After completing your 2-day microblading training in Chicago, all you need to do to receive the elite PhiBrows Certificate is to pass the online training via Craft Master. Our master artist Gabriela Addie will support you during all 11 levels and advise you during your work for the fallowing 6 months. The moment you finish all the examination, you will become a PhiBrows certified international artist.


successfuly finished PhiBrows microblading training Chicago

Get Beyond Chicago

A new microblading artist deserves recognition. That’s why as a graduate of Art of Beauty Academy USA you will automatically join the PhiCommunity. This will allow you to communicate with fellow artists and share experiences. Gaining a spot on the World map of microblading artists will allow your clients to notice you, find you and book your services from all over the United States.


certified artists after PhiBrows training in Chicago

Invest in Microblading and Increase your income 10 times

As an experienced microblading artist in Chicago, you can expect to receive around $800 by microblading session. Each session lasts for a maximum of 2 hours, and you can start earning $400 per each in the beginning. After the classes are finished, you can make use of your kit that is intended for up to 80 to 90 clients. Depending on your practice time, you could start charging clients approximately after 2-4 weeks. About a week from then you can earn back $3500 you invested in training, and accumulate your first profit.

Sounds good? Join us TODAY!

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