Essential Microblading Tools and Products for Starting a Business

The formula for creating a successful microblading business is simple. All you need is to get really, really good at microblading. That requires a lot of work and practice. The second part of the equation is to stand out by providing a high-quality service. When it comes to how good the final result is a lot depends not just on your technique but on the microblading tools and products you use. But before you start splashing the cash on accessories, you will need to invest in the essentials. These will form the foundation of your career as a trustworthy permanent makeup professional.

Though, with so much microblading tools available on the market, it’s hard for a new artist to determine the absolute necessities. So, to help you resupply your microblading kit here is a list of the essential microblading tools and products you actually need when starting a microblading business.

Microblading Tools

As a student at a live microblading training, you learn how to complete the treatment manually by hand. The tools you use during this practice period become extensions of your hands. After all, they are one of the first things students learn about when unpacking a PhiBrows microblading kit for the first time.

Standard gear consists of a quality universal holder and golden ratio divider. These are items for the base for all microblading treatments.

As its name implies, the universal holder is responsible for holding micro-blades. It’s the main tool for creating micro cuts on the surface of the skin. Depending on your technique, you can choose one of two versions: the classic and eccentric tools. And although each holder has a long lifespan (over 1000 treatments), professionals usually invest immediately in two due to the importance of this item.

On the other hand, a golden ratio divider is measuring the size and shape of the eyebrow according to a client’s unique facial structure. Despite there being several apps which can complete the same job, they are either not reliable or precise enough as the divider itself.

Apart from these two, you should also consider investing in a pigment mixer, marking pen or pencil, and a pair of quality scissors and tweezers. These might be a little less essential but are still a worthwhile investment when it comes to ‘must have’ microblading tools and products.

Essential Microblading Tools and Products When Starting a Microblading Business by

Microblading Pigment

When it comes to starting a career, an entrepreneurial mindset  is an important part of succeeding in microblading. That’s why having a ready supply of quality microblading pigment will be an essential part of your business.

Depending on how dense the liquid is, one bottle of pigment can treat as much as 50 clients. This feature also affects how long the pigment will remain in the skin, which determines the level of satisfaction of your clients.

Among all of the pigments available (and there are over 15 to choose from), the essential pigments you absolutely must have are Red, Yellow, Black and Brown 2. The first three pigments form the base of microblading color theory, while Brown 2 is at its center. It is also the most commonly used microblading pigment and can be applied on almost any eyebrow regardless of the client’s hair color.

PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Golden Brown SUPE

Microblading Blades

There is no microblading without micro-blades. It’s what gives the cosmetic treatment its name, and without it, artists wouldn’t even be able to start the procedure.

Microblading blades serve a dual purpose of creating micro-incisions in the surface layer of the skin and simultaneously inserting pigment into them. The amount of needle points on each blade determines the width of the hair-like stroke, while the amount of pressure the depth of the cut.

Until PhiBrows microblading revolutionized eyebrow treatment by creating blades specific for microblading, permanent makeup professionals relied on tattoo tools. However, each eyebrow is unique to each client, and today it is essential to have blades of various sizes (i.e. the number of needle points) in order to microblade any type of brow.

A decent number of blade types you will be required to have includes U-Blades, rounded blades and double-flat blades. All three serve a different purpose but are responsible for achieving the best possible results and giving brows a natural appearance.

PhiBlade Microblading Blades Tool

Microblading During & Aftercare

Finally, you will need to invest in essential microblading during and aftercare products. These microblading products make the entire treatment a pleasurable and painless experience for the client since consistency in safety is a number one priority.

When it comes to products essential during a procedure, you should look towards getting a microblading pain relief anesthetic, base cream, and disinfecting wipes. The first item contains a formula which numbs the skin around the brow where incisions are made into the skin, while others ensure that skin is completely disinfected before the procedure.

On the other hand, aftercare is all about ensuring the incisions don’t get infected and the pigment remains in place until it settles. These products boost skin recovery and aid in the preservation of the protective barrier by preventing the skin from drying out. Essential aftercare products include skin candy protective cream or anti-shock aftercare cream.

Skin Candy After Care Balm

Invest in Microblading Tools and Products to Succeed

How much time and money you invest in finding the right microblading tools and products, you will ensure the success of your business venture. It is always better to invest in quality, but you should always keep an eye on your stocks and resupply if necessary.

Remember, you can always purchase microblading supplies in the US quickly online. This way, you ensure the quality of service provided to clients, so the number of appointments continues to grow and drive your business forward.

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