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Microblading Salary: How Much Can I Earn From Microblading in US?

Permanent makeup is a big deal right now, with so many people trying to master this skill. From skin care specialists and tattoo artists, to nurses, doctors and even physicians, this is a specialty that falls under cosmetology and aesthetics. The most important branch of permanent makeup is called microblading, and it has gained a lot of popularity recently, especially when eyebrows are concerned. It’s definitely revolutionizing the beauty industry and it’s popularized by some of the most successful microblading academies such as PhiBrows. Good microblading salary is something that makes this beauty technique even more appealing.

Simply take a look at any red carpet and you will see dozens of celebrities who opted for this procedure, so it’s not unusual that more and more people try to pursue a career in this profession.

But how can one become a microblading artist? What does it take, and after all, is the microblading salary really something that one should strive for?

Microblading salary for PhiBrows artists

Do You Need a License?

Even though there’s not a law that requires one to fave a license before he or she starts microblading, it’s very probable that you will lack customers, at least in the beginning. Of course, if you’re a proven beautician, a cosmetologist or an aesthetician, this is just an expansion of your business, so people most probably won’t ask for a license. However, if you’re starting your business as a microblading artist, you need to bear in mind that your customers will probably like to see that you’re licensed or certified. However, there’s not a law that requires you to do this so you don’t need to feel obligated.

How to Get Training?

However, having a proper training is of the utmost importance. Luckily for you, there are two types of trainings and you can choose whichever you are most comfortable with. Our Academy offers both 2-day live microblading trainings and the online ones – the first ones take place during the whole weekend when you will both learn all the essentials of this art and get to practice on live models.

However, if you cannot attend a live training, you can always opt for an online microblading training. This one lasts for 6 months and once you sign up, you will get access to numerous audio and video lessons that you can complete anytime during those 6 months, from the comfort of your own home. So, if you are a stay-at-home mom, for example, this option might be perfect for you as you will manage to both stay at home and take care of the baby, and work on mastering this skill.

Microblading training Art of Beauty Academy

Work From Home or Salon

As far as microblading salary is concerned, there are many factors that are important. Apart from the actual location of your business (which we will comment a bit below), one of the key factors is if you’re working from your own home or the salon, and each one has its advantages. Firstly, working from home definitely sounds excellent, as you don’t have to leave your house, but rather get your customers to come over. However, even though you won’t be spending money on renting an office and equipping it, bear in mind that the prices from working from home are slightly lower.

On the other hand, working from salon might have its expenses (rent, cleaning, decoration) but you can create higher prices that will be competitive with other salons that offer the same service.


Furthermore, marketing is also crucial. In order to get as many customers as you can, you need to establish a good microblading website that your customers will love, and advertise everything on your Facebook, and most importantly, Instagram page. The more followers you have, the more customers you will be attracting, which can furthermore make your microblading prices higher and higher.

Since demand creates the prices of the microblading industry, it’s very important that you do whatever it takes to market your microblading business in the best possible way. This means that regardless of the fact where you’re working from (home or a salon), it’s important to invest in the branding of your business and the logo. Placing a logo of the academy that licenced you, such as PhiBrows Academy, will definitely attract more customers.

Finally, don’t forget to post as many before and after photographs on your social networks and your website. Knowing how you work is something that many customers would like to know, and seeing you microblade on YouTube videos might exactly be the proof that they’ve been looking for.

Which Microblading Salary Can Beginner Expect?

Since you will be creating your prices as time passes by, let’s focus on microblading salary and how much you can earn as a new artist. The prices range from city to city and area to area, but all of them have one thing in common – microblading business definitely pays off in the end. Take a look at the following table as these are the approximate prices of new microblading artists:

How much can you earn with microblading?

As you can see, microblading is a business that will bring good income. Bear in mind that these prices are per treatment, and in order to complete one it will take you approximately 3 – 4 hours. If you divide this price by the number of hours you’re working, you will get the amount of money a new microblading artist earns per hour.

Of course, experience plays a big role here, so if you’re a fully experienced microblading artist and you’re working in Los Angeles, for example, this means that you will earn as much as $300 per hour. Having two customers a day will help you get $3000 for that day, which is definitely an income that’s more than good.

Are There Any Other Expenses?

However, make sure that this is not pure profit, as you also have other expenses to worry about. The most important thing that you need to put money aside is the equipment that you will need. Choosing good products that you can find on the microblading online shop will save you some money in the long run. What is also good is that once you sign up for a PhiBrows microblading training you will get a free microblading kit that you can also use after you get your certificate. This microblading kit can easily treat from 80 to 90 people, so you will not have many expenses there.

Should you pursue a career in microblading? If you’re interested in permanent makeup and you’re good with your hands, then definitely yes. It’s a business that’s still on the rise, and the sooner you start – the better!

Like the figures you see? If you find the microblading salary satisfying, join our live or online classes TODAY!

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