Microblading Healing Process Day by Day: The Real Picture

It’s just like any other change – you might have wanted it for quite some time, and eventually you do it. However, the first impression might not always be how you imagined it. Take your haircut for example. The new hairdo that you got might sound good on paper, but once you do it, you’re completely disappointed. The next few days, though, make you change your mind and start liking your new appearance. Sometimes, it just the time that is required for some things to settle down. Just like with microblading healing!

As mentioned, It’s the same thing with microbladed eyebrows. There’s no need to say that getting yourself the eyebrows that you’ve been longing for for so long is quite a change. This definitely means that you will have certain ups and downs regarding your opinion on them, during the process of accomodation.

Now, microblading is becoming more and more popular, with hundreds of thousands of people all around the world opting for it. And even though the most important thing is to find the best PhiBrows artist available, the actual microblading process is just 10% of the experience, as you will have to take care of the eyebrows in the days to follow, as well. The aftercare and the microblading healing day by day process is extremely important, as it can make or break your appearance.

So, if you’re considering a microblading procedure, which is completely safe if you choose the right technicians, you should get acquainted with the whole microblading process for the first month after your procedure. This is the real picture:

Things to Avoid

Before we actually start with the whole microblading healing process, it’s very important to note down all the things in the aftercare process that you should avoid doing. So, either grab a pen and a paper and write these things down, or simply bookmark this page.

In order to achieve the best result, avoid the following:

  • Soaps, facial cleaners and water on pigmented areas
  • Washing your pigmented area in any other way than the right one (a good technician will make sure you know the process of cleaning)
  • Chlorine pools
  • Makeup on pigmented areas for at least a week
  • Steamy, hot and long showers
  • Saunas or a Jacuzzi
  • Getting shampoo and a conditioner on your pigmented area

Microblading Healing Day by Day

Day 1

The first day is probably the most exciting one in the whole process. You’ve got new eyebrows and you want the world to see them. The eyebrows might appear a bit darker and dense at the beginning, and you might experience some redness, which is perfectly normal. If you aren’t used to filling them a lot while putting your makeup, they will probably look a bit too much and perhaps a bit dramatic, but don’t worry. The pigment will fade for 20%-40%, which means that they won’t be as dense and strong as they might appear at this moment. If you, however, loved filling them a lot, you will be in love with your new eyebrows, regardless of the fact that they will fade a little bit.

Also don’t worry if you experience some slight bleeding. This is a perfectly normal microblading healing process, and the bleeding will eventually stop.

Day 2

On the second day, you will also experience some redness, and the brows will appear a bit darker than the day before. The thing that most customers experience is the fact that it seems that everyone is looking at them but don’t worry – you’re probably very self-conscious about them, and the chances of people around you noticing that they are darker than usual are very low.

Day 2 is pretty much easy – the redness will be there, yet in smaller amounts, and hard thick scabs will not form yet. It’s safe to assume that you will definitely like the appearance of microbladed eyebrows on the second day, as you will get to see every hair stroke that was made.

Days 3 and 4

Don’t expect anything major to happen during days 3 and 4. You’re still quite satisfied with their look, and the redness, pain and tenderness will start to subside. However, the brows will definitely start getting from darker to thicker. You will wake up these days and be extremely satisfied that you have your permanent makeup done as you don’t have to spend a lot of time drawing them on the face. Instant brows are there and you will be happier!

Microblading Healing Process

Day 5

This is the moment when everything starts to change. The first thing that you will experience by day 5 is itching, and it’s extremely important NOT to scratch them at all! The wound might still be open, and if you scratch them you might tackle with the overall result and bring about even more unwanted problems.

Moreover, you will realize that a thick layer of scabbing might appear, hiding all those hair strokes underneath. This is the moment that many customers start to freak out, but there’s no reason for that – your face has a wound, and it’s trying to heal itself. If you had any other tattoos in the past, then you might be more comfortable with the scabbing process, as it’s completely normal.

This is also the day when you will start disliking the look of your new eyebrows.

Days 6 and 7

There’s a thing that not many people know, yet it’s very important for all the customers and people who opt for a microblading procedure. These couple of days, especially days 5-10, are probably the most difficult days of the whole process.

During days 6 and 7, the scabbing process will be even more dramatic. You will see big scabs on your eyebrows, and it’s very important NOT TO PICK THEM. If you do this, you might take some pigment off and end up with a patchy eyebrow, which definitely wasn’t the plan. Also, the whole microblading healing process might be affected in a very negative way.

In order to treat the scabs right, you should rinse your eyebrows in the way your brow artist told you to. They will start to come off, but once they’re ready – you cannot command them when to come off.

Days 7-10

During these days you will see that the microblading healing process is an emotional (and any other kind of a) rollercoaster. The scabs on your brows will start to flake off on their own, which is definitely a good sign and you will be more than happy. However, you will also realize that the color of your brows will appear a lot lighter, sometimes gray and missing in spots. This is the time when you start panicking and calling your brow artist to check what is going on, but don’t worry. This is a perfectly normal part of the microblading healing day by day process.

Don’t make the same mistake as hundreds of other and start thinking that your skin didn’t take the pigment. If you’re quite self-conscious about your eyebrows being too light, you can put some makeup on, but make sure to check with your artist first as to what kind of makeup you are allowed to use.

Microblading Before and After Healed Results

Days 14-21

This is the time when your microblading healing process is slowly coming to an end! You will realize that the scabs are gone, the color of your brows is back and they look better than ever! People all around you start noticing your eyebrows being perfect but they have no idea that they are microbladed as they look extremely natural.

This is also the time when you will get to start with a (slightly controlled) makeup routine, and your brows are completely waterproof!

Days 21-30

Ta-da! The healing process is complete. Your brow skin is completely healed and the color looks amazing. Your brows should look soft and completely natural, which is definitely a reason for you to celebrate.

Also, this is the time to see if there’s anything you want to add and change, not before this final healing week. It might happen that your skin didn’t take the pigment in some spots, but this is not a reason for panicking. Your follow-up appointment is just around the corner, and you will definitely have time to fix that.

This is the microblading healing day by day process, and even though it might be dull and emotionally painful at times, it should really pay off. Your follow-up appointment should not be made before the whole healing process is complete, so make sure to book it a month and a half or two after your initial procedure, and you will be good to go!

Microblading Healing Process Day by Day: The Real Picture by artofbeautyacademy.com

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