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Microblading for Men: Should Guys Microblade their Eyebrows?

Yes, if they feel it would contribute to their self esteem. Beauty treatments are not exclusive to women anymore. Men have finally embraced the idea that caring for your looks is nothing to be ashamed of and more and more of them are seeking beauty procedures that will fix any possible insecurities they may have.

Microblading is a unisex semi-permanent makeup procedure that gives the client of either gender upgraded, super realistic brows best suited to their face. If you’re a man considering microblading, there’s no reason to be reluctant.

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The Technique

The principle is the same for all clients; pigments are injected into the skin in strokes that resemble natural hairs. The artist mixes the pigments so as to match the color of natural hairs as closely as possible. They also consider the natural complexion of their client and pay attention to the undertone.

As men’s brow hairs tend to be thicker in diameter, the strokes are thicker than when working with women. Also, men’s brow hairs have less curve than women’s, so the strokes resemble a straight line more than a curved one.  The arch itself is slightly flatter on top and the overall result should be a bit more “square”, rather than rounded.

Issues men and women have with eyebrows are more or less the same: gaps, sparse patches, asymmetrical arches, thin and light hairs that are virtually invisible. All of these problems are solved with microblading. The most common problem men have with their brows is tail thinning, so the tail is meticulously restored and the eyebrow arch is completed.

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Why Choose PhiBrows?

The most important part of the microblading for men process is drawing the outline. This step means the artist will carefully measure and closely observe your facial features so the result of microblading will complement your face in the best possible way, while looking as natural as possible.

PhiBrows artists work on the priniciple of the Golden Ratio (Phi 1.618) and determine with extreme precision the best starting and ending point of the eyebrow arch. They use top quality tools and blades that allow them maximum precision, so the strokes are blended with the natural hairs seamlessly and it is nearly impossible to notice you’ve been microbladed at all, which is the number one demand male clients have.

PhiBrows pigments are the most stable ones on the market due to their special formula, so the results are as long lasting as possible. This is particularly important to male clients, as they are less keen on getting touch ups than women.

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Preparations and Aftercare

Consultations and preparations are crucial to a satisfying result. Microblading for men tends to be a bit more tricky for the artist simply due to the fact men are not as vocal about the look they want, or simply don’t know how to express their wishes. So it’s important for the artists to ask the right questions, but it wouldn’t hurt for the client to do some research and even bring example photos. From there, the artist can get the idea of the look you want and adapt it to your face.

Generally, men tend to be a bit more careless when it comes to aftercare. The healing process looks the same for men and women; in the first 7-10 days, avoid sunlight, avoid getting your brows wet, do not rub them, use protective cream and keep the treated area as clean as possible to prevent infection and keep the results fresh and long-lasting.

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