Microblading In Beauty Industry

Why Is Microblading Going to Dominate the Beauty Industry in Years to Come?

If you’re passionate about the beauty industry, there is every chance you’ve heard about microblading. But did you know it is fast becoming the dominant semi-permanent eyebrow makeup treatment?

When you compare the numbers from 2009 and 2015, the jump of people getting their eyebrows microbladed has tripled. And it’s not just popular among clients, but people looking to become artists themselves, as well. Currently, there are over 70,000 professionals certified by PhiBrows alone.

All of this makes microblading a leader in the industry and there’s no stopping it. If you don’t believe us, here’s why microblading is going to dominate the industry in years to come.

The Beauty Effect

There is a lot you need to know about microblading, but the most important thing is that it improves the appearance of eyebrows. And beautiful eyebrows breed confidence.

Even after an initial microblading treatment, women feel more confident and self-satisfied with their appearance. This is especially true among women who experienced previous problems with their brows, like thinning brows or uneven hair growth.

Unlike other makeup techniques, microblading makes use of natural facial structure to upgrade or reconstruct the missing eyebrow. The golden ratio used in the industry defines the shape of the brow, treating each client individually and giving them a deeper, fuller eyebrow appearance unique to their features.

Each pair of eyebrows is unique and beautiful. All that’s required is a professional touch to reveal it.

Why Is Microblading Going to Dominate the Beauty Industry in Years to Come? by artofbeautyacademy.com

Simplifying Makeup Routines

With each passing day, microblading is gaining more popularity. After all, it’s the brow technique celebrities are crazy about. And this mostly comes down to practicality.

The semi-permanent nature of microblading means there is little to no additional care required to maintain the beautiful appearance. On average, a treatment lasts over a year after which it slowly starts to fade. At that time, all a client has to do is book a touch-up appointment. And that’s it.

Without the need to constantly apply makeup, microblading simplifies the usual makeup routine. Not to mention, women have one less thing to take care of or worry about during an active day.

Consistent Innovation

Maintaining the level of accelerated growth that microblading is currently experiencing, requires steady innovation.

When it first came out on the market, PhiBrows microblading revolutionized eyebrow care. Calculating brow shape according to the golden ratio, creating tools and products exclusive for microblading, and mixing synthetic and organic pigments to stabilize color when applying it to the skin, are all responsible for moving both cosmetic and tattoo industries forward.

Since then, innovations continued to emerge. Just like you can easily find microblading supplies in the USA being purchased by cosmeticians from all parts of the industry, you can expect new techniques and equipment to be developed over the coming years.

PhiBrows Microblading Products

Successful Learning System

When you decide to become a certified artist and you start reading the tips for finding a good microblading training in the US, you get amazed at the effort required to start a successful career. This is due to increased demand, which is driving more and more people to take up microblading as a career path.

Even though it usually takes 100 hours to become a skillful artist, a certain standard must be followed. Precisely, as microblading being is a semi-permanent makeup procedure, people looking to become certified professionals must learn about everything from sterilization to aftercare.

This sparked more experienced microblading artists to create live workshops who can easily teach microblading to anyone. Moreover, these educational centers quickly adopted technological advancements, so students now can choose between live and online microblading training.

Plus, the entire learning system treats all students with a high degree of professionalism. From the premium microblading kit to support and progress tracking, instructors go above and beyond to ensure every student gets certified and a chance to make a career out of microblading.

PhiBrow Class with Gabriela and Derek Addie

A High-Earning Business Venture

According to statistics, professionals have experienced a rise of 75% of new clients they treat each month. Because of this high demand, microblading is a lucrative business and an entrepreneurial mindset is important when trying to succeed in microblading.

The cost of microblading training is justified by the potential returns, as the average price per treatment is around $500. Artists can easily cover their initial investments and make a profit at the end of their first month. And depending on your location, you can expect to earn a six-figure sum, at least.

This made it possible for many cosmetic professionals to make full-time careers out of microblading and is only set to rise due to the high demand for microblading services.

Easy Incorporation Into Existing Services

Because there is no experience level required to learn microblading, trainings are intended both for beginners and existing professionals. This means that many beauticians, cosmeticians, and estheticians choose to learn how to become a successful microblading makeup artist and incorporate it into their existing services.

By doing this, savvy salon owners improve their offer and gain a fruitful service that brings them even more money. In some cases, microblading was so successful that cosmeticians moved it from a secondary to their primary service offer.

PhiBrows Master Gabriela Addie

Take Action

The future looks bright for microblading. With so much going on, it will definitely dominate the beauty industry in years to come.

Don’t wait too long if you’re considering to treat your eyebrows or looking to take up a microblading career. Now is the time to get in on the action, and there’s no time like the present.

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