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Upcoming Manual Shading Ombre Brows Training Classes

1 Day Live Manual Shading Ombre Brows Training – Tution: $1,800 (Deposit: $800)

PhiShading – Manual Shading Online Training Class

Our manual ombre shading class is created with you in mind. This is both a live and online course, which allows you to learn in a comfortable environment at your own pace.

Art of Beauty Academy we take great pride in the quality of our live and online shading training. We will teach you how to combine microblading and brow shading to learn one of the most popular cosmetic eyebrow treatments in the world.

As you progress through our classes, you will receive a strong understanding of the craft and develop the skills required to become a true artist.

We welcome you to join us and master the art and science of manual shading and ombre.

What is Manual Ombre Shading?

Manual Ombre Shading is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique that gives eyebrows a shading effect without the use of makeup. The term Ombre comes from French and means shaded or shading. It involves combining microblading strokes with brow shading powder to create a denser, fuller eyebrow appearance.

As a combined beauty treatment, manual ombre shading has a distinct advantage over standalone procedures since it gives each hair a new level of depth. This makes it a popular choice among clients who suffer from alopecia, irregular hair distribution or extremely thin eyebrows. After the treatment, a high-quality 3D look is achieved, with minimal upkeep to maintain appearance.

What Will you Learn?

Our PhiBrows Manual Ombre Shading Class is an intense course taught by master artist Gabriela Addie. Both live and online shading training is divided into multiple levels, which break each technique into simple steps.

The classes are extremely easy to follow. Every class covers the basics and moves towards advanced techniques at a gradual pace suited to each student. Once you enroll in a class, you will have a strong understanding of theory, get to know best practices and gain practical skills and techniques.

  • Microblading hair-stroke techniques
  • Manual shading and powder brow techniques
  • Measuring eyebrows using the Craft Master App
  • Shaping eyebrows according to the golden ratio
  • Calculating symmetry with the Craft Master App
  • Equipment use and sterilization
  • Work area sanitation
  • Skin-stretching techniques
  • Applying pressure to the skin
  • Filling micro-cuts with pigment
  • Color-matching best practices
  • Facial structure and proportions
  • Different skin types
  • Different hair types
  • Aftercare instructions
  • Handling client consultations
  • Dealing with skin problems
  • Proper use of anesthetics
  • Material use and keeping
  • Essential safety practices
  • Industry secrets & tricks
  • And much more

What’s included?

Every student of Art of Beauty Academy live and online classes receives the necessary equipment, materials, support and supervision to succeed in their learning.

Each class includes
Professional Shading Kit:

  • 10 U-Blades
  • 10 3-Round Blades
  • 10 5-Round Blades
  • 10 9-Double Flat Blades
  • 3 Pigments (Arabian Night, Warm Effect, Sunset Effect)
  • A Universal Holder
  • Skin Candy
  • 25 PhiWipes

You wIll also recieve:

  • Access to the PhiShading App
  • Practical and theoretical lessons
  • Three months of unlimited support
  • Additional study materials (videos, guides, tutorials)
  • A spot on the World Artist Map

Manual Ombre Shading Classes start from $1,300 and you can register online.

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