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Is Microblading Safe?

The eyebrows have never been more important than they are today. Regardless of the fact that you perhaps overplucked your eyebrows in the ’90s or early ’00s, or you were pulling off the Cara Delevigne trend in the last couple of years – one thing is for certain: the eyebrow game always needs to be strong. For all of those who are not satisfied with the look of the brows, the beauty community gave a present in the form of microblading. This trend is becoming more and more popular as time passes with tens of thousands of women (but also men) opting for such a way of creating and maintaining a unique brow look that they will be satisfied with. But the question is, is microblading safe?

Perhaps you’ve seen microbladed eyebrows, and if you have, then you probably have certain opinion on the procedure itself. No matter if you’re satisfied with the shape that you’ve seen on your friend or not, if it’s done properly, it looks extremely natural. And that is the whole point. This means that if you’re tired of plucking them or filling them out with the pencil, opting for a microblading treatment might just be what you need. But since this is a relatively new trend, many don’t know whether is microblading safe or not, as well as what the risks of undergoing such a treatment are.

What is Microblading and How Does It Work?

Microblading is a tattooing procedure during which the thin eyebrow areas are filled in to make them look fuller, or going from scratch and creating your own, personal eyebrow shape. Even though it is a form of tattooing, unlike traditional tattoos that last for a lifetime, the coloring from microblading will last for a shorter period of time – up to 3 years. This is because microblading uses specialized equipment and a smaller amount of pigment that goes into your skin.

During the procedure, the technician uses very small, hair-like blades to make small incisions into your skin where the pigment will enter. These incisions are made right above the dermis layer of your brow, making the whole procedure not completely permanent. Due to this fact, the eyebrows will fade over time and they will require a couple of touch ups in the months to come. The initial procedure might take a couple of hours, after which your eyebrows will certainly appear darker than expected. Even though the color is expected to start fading after a couple of months, there might be a chance that it starts to do so after a couple of weeks – in this case your touch up appointment must be done earlier than expected.

Is Microblading Your Eyebrows Safe? by

What is The First Thing to Have in Mind?

Obviously, the most important thing to have in mind before undergoing this procedure is to carefully check the places where you can have your eyebrows done. Just like’s the case with any other procedure, it’s very important to go for the best of the best and not try to save money of somewhat cheaper procedures. The person who does the microblading should be a licensed technician who has undergone the appropriate training for this, such as the master artists in the Art of Beauty Academy. This makes our service quite advisable and very popular with our clients.

You need to bear in mind that nowadays, many spa centers and high-quality salons offer this procedure, but you need to check the credentials of the actual technician who is going to microblade your brows. Bottom line – do your homework beforehand!

The Preparation Process

So, you’ve decided to have the process of microblading eyebrows and you found the right place (and technician) where you will have your eyebrows done. It’s important to mention that the Art of Beauty Academy microblades the eyebrows using the PhiBrow technique which has proven to be one of the best in the world. But no matter if you choose this one, or any other, you need to know more about the preparation process. In order to prepare for the procedure, mind the following:

  • You should avoid drinking coffee or alcohol on the actual day of the procedure
  • Do not tint your eyebrows before your treatment
  • Do not go sunbathing or tanning at least a 3 days before your treatment as the skin will not react well to the pigment
  • Avoid waxing or plucking eyebrows a couple of days before the procedure
  • Avoid any facial treatments at least 2 or 3 weeks before the procedure
  • Make sure to wash and style your hair before the procedure as the microbladed brows must not come in contact with water at least a week
  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen or other pain relievers a couple of days before the procedure as they are blood thinners

The Procedure

As far as the actual procedure is concerned, many have questions on whether it is going to be painful or not. The most important thing is to determine the actual shape and color before undergoing it, and every excellent technician knows this. Before the procedure starts, the technician will use a topical numbing ointment on the brow area that will help you get through the actual procedure. Even though you might feel some discomfort and a scraping-like sensation, the process is minimally painful and totally tolerable. Bear in mind that the process is very detailed (as you want your eyebrows perfect) and it might last a couple of hours (most commonly around 2). Don’t hurry the esthetician as you want to be completely satisfied with the final result.

The Recovery Process

After the procedure is done, your eyebrows might appear darker than expected, which is completely normal. It might also happen that you experience redness or mild swelling. As far as the aftercare is concerned, your technician will give you a list of things that you are supposed to do, such as:

  • Gently washing over the brows with antibacterial soap and water for approximately 10 seconds, then rinsing them carefully and patting them so that they dry
  • Using just a little bit of moisturizing ointment
  • Keeping the eyebrows away from water, which means that longer showers, going swimming or washing your hair is out of the question
  • Avoiding putting makeup on
  • Avoiding direct sunlight or tanning at least a month after the procedure, as sun can light the pigment sooner than expected
  • Not using facial scrubs or peels at least a month after the procedure

Microblading Recovery Process

The Risks of The Procedure

So, you wanted to know is microblading safe and what the possible risks might be. If you follow all the recovery instructions given by the technician carefully, the outcome will be just as expected. However, you need to have in mind that all of these procedures have a certain amount of risk.


Even though it’s less invasive than actual tattooing, the biggest risk is an infection of your brows. The safest way to avoid this is to actual try and find the best technician in your area that keeps everything sterile and takes care of his patients. If you opt for someone who is using unsterile equipment or is a beginner in his job, you can end up with many different infections and bacterial skin infections (including HIV) as microblading breaks the skin.

If you have the option, you should check the portfolio of your technician. By doing this, not only will you be sure of his professionalism, but you will see if his style matches your goals. However, many tend to Photoshop their portfolio. Another safe way to find the perfect technician is to watch Youtube videos of him doing the actual microblading process and see if everything’s sterile and if he wears gloves. Also, genuine testimonials and reviews are great way to see the honest opinions and comments on somebody’s work. Choosing any technician from Art of Beauty Academy will do the work, especially because the academy is working with PhiBrows technique which is one of the safest in the world.

Allergic Reactions

You need to have in mind that allergic reactions to the pigment can happen, albeit very, very rare. This means that one of your main questions on the consultation sessions should be regarding the pigment and asking your technician if you will be allergic to the pigment or not. Knowing everything beforehand might help you realize that this procedure is either not for you or that you have nothing to worry about.

Incorrectly Done

Probably another risk that many fear are eyebrows that are done incorrectly. Since this is a semi-permanent procedure, covering up someone’s mistake is close to impossible, which means that you really need to pay attention to carefully choose your brow color and shape. Unless you do this, you will have additional costs of correcting the procedure, which might not be as easy as it sounds.

Incorrectly Done Eyebrows


Once you’re done with the procedure of microblading eyebrows, you will have your eyebrows perfect for a couple of years. This might include additional appointments, and sometime corrections (bear in mind that the second appointment is non-negotiable). The quality of your eyebrows will greatly depend on the quality of the job, which once again means that you need to search for a skilled and certified technician who will perform the procedure, such as the people here in the Art of Beauty Academy.

PhiBrows Master Gabriela Addie

Conclusion: Is Microblading Safe?

Even though it has certain risks (just like any other procedure), it is clear that microblading is quite safe if you follow all these instructions carefully. It is very important that you choose the best of the best, regardless of the price – this is something that you will be wearing on your face for quite some time, so make sure to invest in this as much as you have to. Carefully planning your shape and color, talking to a technician and choosing the perfect place to have your eyebrows done might save your life.


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