Invest in Yourself in 2020: PhiBrows Microblading and Shading Training by

Invest in Yourself in 2020: PhiBrows Microblading + Shading Training

The permanent makeup industry is one of the most prolific business branches at the moment, and microblading is by far the most sought after treatment. So for anyone considering a career change, or for anyone fresh out of high school or college, a microblading course could be the perfect investment to make in 2020.

PhiBrows offers top quality permanent makeup courses that cover all aspects of the profession. To kick off this year, we’re offering a one-of-a-kind 2-for-1 special: every new candidate who enrolls any of our PhiBrows Microblading Courses will get both microblading and shading training at the price of one!

This special offer is the perfect opportunity to secure your future doing a fulfilling, creative job that can make you up to 6-figures!

microblading and shading course

What is Microblading and Why it’s So Popular Skill to Learn?

Microblading eyebrows treatment is a permanent makeup treatment for eyebrows. Using a special technique taught at PhiBrows, special pigments are injected into the skin. Microneedles are used to make hair-like strokes, either inbetween the natural hairs so as to modify the arch and give it volume and the illusion of thickness, or starting from scratch and creating a whole new pair of brows on clients who don’t have them for whatever reason.

The popularity of microblading among clients stems from the fact that the results last up to 2 years, while the fact that a microbading session that lasts 2 to 3 hours costs anywhere from $300 to a whirling $1000 explains why so many people are getting trained to be microblading artists!

What is Machine Shading?

Microblading is done by drawing on elongated, hair-like strokes, but PhiShading requires a different technique. The purpose of shading is to add a soft shadow underneath the hairs or strokes that gives depth and dimension to the brows and fills in any unattractive sparse patches.

The technique in this case implies dotting or “pixelization” – the microneedle is reinserted countless times, injecting pigments in tiny dots. Traditional, manual shading is done with a multiple blade tool that need to be inserted an average of 10 times in one spot in order to achieve maximum saturation. This leads to uneven results, patches of lighter and darker shade.

That’s why so many artists are switching to a machine tool. Machine shading has revolutionized brow shading! Using a single-needle machine speeds up the process, offers even coverage and maximum precision.


What is Microblading Course Like?

The PhiBrows microblading courses are two-day workshops taught by experienced PhiBrows Master Artists Gabriela Addie and Nereida Murrieta in small groups. They include expert  instructions, demonstrations, lectures and hands-on experience on models. You have the option of taking the microblading and shading classes in English or Spanish. Following the workshop, each candidate goes through 6 months of online training. Candidates get exclusive access to the PhiBrows training app and guidance for the remainder of their supervised training period.

The 2-day course is divided into 2 parts. The first day covers theory on the process itself, the tools, pigment mixing and color matching, client handling, (client) heath and safety. The second day is all practice. The students practice the skill on various props and even live models! The Master Artists are there to guide them every step of the way and are more that happy to answer any questions regarding any aspect of the profession, including their personal experinces in this competitive business.

“I will dedicate every second I have to ensure you are ready to dominate the industry.” –Gabriela Addie

The best part is, no previous experience required!  Upon completion, you will receive the PhiBrows certificate and the exclusive PhiBrows 2.0 microblading kit that contains premium tools, pigments, and aftercare products, all you need to jump start your new career!

What is Machine Shading Course Like?

Clients often ask for shading in combination with microblading. In addition to mastering microblading, PhiBrows Master Artists will teach you all you need to know about machine shading, the hottest new trend in permanent makeup for eyebrows. You will learn how to hold and handle the machine, as well as how to enhance the strokes of microblading in the best possible way.

This technique has only recently emerged on the market, so having this skill under your belt will set you apart from the competition and attract clients.

All of our PhiBrows microblading courses will now include also PhiBrows Shading training. You will now learn to make beautiful microbladed strokes, how to enhance them and bring your work to life with PMU machine shading.

Why Choose the PhiBrows Microblading & Shading Course?

Mastering the skill of permanent makeup means securing your future. Once you start working, you will gain experience and clients quickly, and very soon, you might even be able to start your own business. Permanent makeup is a rewarding profession in many ways – you get to work in a dynamic environment, unleash your creativity, and earn thousands of dollars per week, all the while bringing your clients joy and boosting their confidence!

PhiBrows trainings are top-quality, comprehensive courses that equip you with the knowledge, practice, and the prestigious title of PhiBrows artist recognized all over the world. Investing in the special PhiBrows Microblading + Machine Shading Training offer gives you an advantage over all beginners who only master one skill, so you’ll automatically attract more clients.

So don’t let this unique opportunity slip away. Contact our Craft Master Gabriela Addie and change your life today!

For more information about this course you can visit the following link, email or call!
Call: 800-958-2443

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