How to Start a Career in Microblading: 7 Key Steps to Follow by

How to Start a Career in Microblading: 7 Key Steps to Follow

The eyebrow game is becoming stronger than ever before, with thousands and thousands of people opting for filling out and shaping their eyebrows through microblading. Even though it was introduced in Asia, microblading became extremely popular all around the world, with leading companies such as PhiBrows landing more and more clients as times goes by. If you really want for this to become your profession, you can always turn to courses of microblading certification and make your dream come true. This is what you need to know:

1. Finding and Attending Classes

The most important thing is that you check for microblading certification online or live, and see whether they are approved by the most important boards, such as The American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) or the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). Once you find one, make sure that you apply for ones that offer 100 hours of training or more, as then you will definitely be sure that you’re learning the whole process in the right way. Be careful since there are many scams out there, so avoid all of those in any way suspicious offers.

Finding and Attending Microblading Classes

2. Get Official Documentation

Once you’ve found your microblading certification center, you should enroll in and attend the classes. Rest assured that you will indeed have a lot of work, but if this is something that you really love and enjoy doing, you’ll have no problem whatsoever. When you finish the class, take the official documentation that you attended and passed your course. It would be best if your microblading certificate has the name and signature of your instructor, the logo of your academy and the number of hours you’ve worked. This is extremely important for the future of your dream job pursuit.

How to Get Certified in Microblading by

3. Look For an Apprenticeship

It’s always excellent if you could start as an apprentice immediately after obtaining your microblading certification. There is a big list of places that you can look for a job, and a bit of extra exercise and experience is a great thing to have. Unless you obtained a certificate from prestigious academies such as the PhiBrows certificate, you should consider taking an exam powered by the AAM or SPCP. You can do this via their online shop, and the prices go between $252 and $310.

4. Get a Microblading License

In order to start working in this area of the beauty industry and improve your career prospects, a microblading license is required. This is different from the certificate you already have. Thus, there may be an extra exam to take, especially one regarding health and safety issues. Make sure to check for the required documentation for your particular country, since the regulations for microblading licensing may differ from state to state.

5. Get Equipment

The next logical step would be to get yourself the proper gear so that you prove that you’re a professional. Since this is a rather serious thing, it would be best not to save on any equipment, but rather invest in good blades and microblading stroke markers. Potential clients will certainly be more encouraged to come to you if they know that you invest in your equipment.

PhiAcademy Professional Microblading Products and Tools

6. Provide Proof You’re Good

It doesn’t matter where you will be working from; giving your clients a proof that you know how to do your job is extremely important. You can take different before/after photographs from your microblading certification course and hang them on the wall or place them somewhere where they’ll be visible. Focus on the eyebrows, of course, but you can always include other things you worked on, such as eyeliners or lips. If you’re planning to apply for a job in a cosmetic workshop, this could be your personal portfolio.

PhiBrows Before and After Microblading

7. Apply For a Job

The final step is obviously applying for a job. Many opt to open their start-ups themselves, which is a great thing, but if you’re a newbie and want to start small, applying for a job at cosmetics and permanent makeup boutiques is an excellent idea. However, you shouldn’t expect a full technician position right away; you’ll probably be an assistant in the beginning. Once you get enough experience and courage to open your own practice you’ll definitely have more money, but everything takes practice.

Many people who went through the microblading certification, especially those who obtained the PhiBrows certificate are extremely satisfied with the aftermath of this journey. If you want to be like them, you should most certainly go after your dreams and learn the skills of microblading eyebrows. After all, it seems like a very promising career.

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