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Microblading & Sun Exposure: How to Protect Microbladed Eyebrows from Sun?

One of the biggest advantages of microblading is the fact that your brows can’t be ruined by water and sweat, which makes them the perfect companions at the pool or at the gym. However, microbladed brows require a bit of extra attention during the summer, no matter if you’ve had them for a while or have just undergone the procedure.

Sun Damage and Aftercare

First thing worth mentioning is proper aftercare right after the treatment. During the first 7 days following the procedure, be extra careful. You should avoid exposing your new brows to sweat and sunlight as much as possible (this includes tanning beds!). On that note, you shouldn’t apply sunscreen onto them in the first week, as your skin needs to heal fully. Swimming in any body of water is also risky during this time, as it could cause an infection or lead to fading. Although exposure to UV light is the most common root of pigment fading, salt and chlorine can also cause the pigment to fade or change color.

Once those 7 days are up, you can go back to your favorite summertime activities, just remember your eyebrows require just as much protection as the rest of your skin, if not more. Sunscreen is your best friend!

How to Protect Microbladed Eyebrows from Sun?

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How to Protect Your Eyebrows

Once the healing period is up, all you need to keep your eyebrows looking fresh is a couple of products. First, you should always have a quality sunscreen on hand. Protection from UV light is important all year round, not only during the summer. Exposure to sunlight does not only cause the pigments to fade, but it is also known to speed up ageing.

Many people are reluctant to put sunscreen on their faces, as many products are heavy, sticky, and takes ages for skin to absorb them. Luckly, there is now a product out there designed especially for protection of microbladed brows. Phi Sun Shield Sunscreen Spray has an especially lightweight formula infused with spf 50 that both protects and moisturizes your skin without leaving any oily traces. Of course, it can be used on the rest of the face and body, too.

Another life hack that will prolong the results of microblading has to do with swimming. As chlorine and saltwater can lead to pigment fading, what you need to do is create a barrier between the water and your brows. You can do this with a cheap and easy trick: apply a thin layer of vaseline onto your brows before swimming.

Phi Sun Shield Sunscreen Spray

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After-Sun Care

Only in the last two years or so after-sun care become a thing. Exposing your skin to direct sunlight for hours on end is a type of skin trauma, so although any type of moisturizing is encouraged, you need something a bit extra for after-sun care.

Numerous after-sun lotions, oils and body butters have launced recently, but the Phi After Sun Cooling Gel is especially conveniet for taking care of your microbladed eyebrows. It is suitable for all skin types and is based on aloe vera, which has been the go-to ingredient for skin care for centuries due to its soothing properties. Hamamelis, or with hazel extract has an anti inflammatory effect and soothes any type of skin irritation.

Phi after sun cooling gel

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Final Notes

The improtance of protection agains sunlight cannot be stressed enough. Although skin does heal quickly after microblading, proper care will ensure long lasting results. Luckily, proper care now comes in convenient 200ml bottles that are only a few clicks away in our online shop!

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