Microblading Gone Wrong? Prevent Bad Microblading by Following These Tips

After getting your eyebrows microbladed, there are two scenarios: either you will be fully satisfied with the final outcome (even though you might experience different emotions throughout the first week or two), or be completely devastated with your new look. Although here at the Art of Beauty Academy we definitely make sure that the first option is the one you’ll end up with, it’s never bad to learn something new about the ways to prevent experiencing bad microblading, or what to do in case this happens.

There simply are times when the microblading procedure doesn’t happen as expected, which means that you simply have to do your homework beforehand and find the best artist for the job. But, what if you already chose your artist and you’re not satisfied with your look? Take a look and see what the “dangers” of bad microblading are, what (not) to expect and how to plan your future steps.

Microblading Gone Wrong? How to Prevent Experiencing Bad Microblading

What are The Risks of Microblading?

Just like any other procedure, microblading has certain risks and you need to have that in mind. If you follow the recovery instructions given by the technicial carefully, the outcome can sometimes be even better than expected. However, these are the things that you need to have in mind, as each procedure has a certain amount of risk.


Microblading is less invasive than tattooing, but the biggest risk is the same – an infection of your brows. The safest way of avoiding this is trying and finding the best artist there is, and everyone who’s a certified PhiBrows artist is a good artist that will pay special attention to the way they’re microblading your eyebrows. They should be using sterile equipment and taking care of their customers, as if you do the opposite, you might end up with different infections, some of them being bacterial skin infections, and even HIV.

Allergic Reactions

Another thing that you need to pay attention to are allergic reactions, as it might happen that you are allergic to the pigment, even though this is very rare. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you (as you don’t want any redness on your brows after the treatment other than a bit of swelling that’s completely natural), share this concern with your brow artist and he will tell you if there’s a reason to worry about or not. Knowing everything beforehand might help you decide if this procedure is for you or not.

How Not to Get Botched?

There’s one person who can make sure that you don’t get botched and have microbladed eyebrows that look awful, and that’s your artist. How to choose the right one and who to avoid?

Check Their Portfolio

In order to be fully prepared and completely relaxed, make sure to check the portfolio of your artist before actually booking your appointment. By doing this, not only will you be sure of the professionalism of the artist, but you will see his style and if it matches your goals and you will avoid microblading gone wrong. For all of you who are still quite doubtful of someone’s expertise, you can find his online videos and watch him perform the actual microblading process – that way you’ll be sure everything’s sterile. Just to make sure you don’t end up with bad microblading – choosing any Art of Beauty Academy artist is a good choice especially because we work with the PhiBrows technique which is perceived as one of the most popular and safest in the world.

Microblading portfolio PhiBrows Art of Beauty

Avoid Going to “Newbies”

Since the demand for microbladed eyebrows is becoming bigger and bigger, there is a sea of people who offer this service, but it’s your job as a client to choose one who’s experienced. You’re probably thinking about how the newbies can get experienced if everyone’s looking for someone who’s done plenty of microbladed eyebrows before. The answer lies in certification, as even PhiBrows certificated newbies can perform this procedure in an excellent way because they have been trained in a great manner.

Avoid going to artists who are not certified or who offer you a price that sounds like a great deal as they probably gave you that price for a specific reason. Also, don’t use any groupons or living social coupons as getting your eyebrows microbladed is not something that you should save your money on.

Make Sure Your Artist Uses Sterile Equipment

Even though we mentioned this before in the article, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Choosing an artist who uses completely sterile equipment is another imperative as you don’t want to end up with different infections that can sometimes even be fatal. Most of the equipment that artists use nowadays are disposable (which means that they are used only once and then thrown away), or they need to be sanitized after each use.

Just like all the artists in the Art of Beauty Academy, every person who’s performing microblading should be using gloves to reduce bacterial exposure to the open wound on your brows while performing the procedure. Truth be told, most artists do care about keeping their workplace sterile, but it’s always a good idea to check for yourself and be completely sure. If they’re certified, the chances of being unsterile are extremely low, though, as well as chance for bad microblading experience.

PhiBrows Microblading Sterile Equipment

Speak Your Mind

Even though the artist knows best, it’s very important to let your voice be heard and actually share all of your concerns, ideas and wishes. This is the best way to make sure that you’ll end up exactly with the shape that you wanted. They know your skin and will definitely see if there’s something wrong or anything to be alarmed by. Brainstorm together shapes and colors and see what the best one for you is or which one you like the most. After all, they are there to help you achieve your full potential, as perhaps some of the shapes that you like do not match your face. Everything needs to be planned carefully.

How to Fix ‘Microblading Gone Wrong’ Situation?

First of all, before starting to think that you experienced some bad microblading, read something about the microblading process day by day since you won’t be happy a couple of days after your microblading regardless of the quality of the process. Also, make sure that you follow the aftercare routine in order to make the best out of your microbladed eyebrows.

Your eyebrows might appear darker than expected after the procedure, which is completely normal. It might also happen that you experience some mild swelling or redness. As far as the aftercare is concerned, these are things you need to pay attention to (and any good artist such as PhiBrow artists will provide you with this information):

  • Gently wash over the brows with antibacterial soap and water for approximately 10 seconds, then rinse them carefully and pat them so that they dry.
  • Use just a little bit of moisturizing ointment.
  • Keep the eyebrows away from water, which means that longer showers, going swimming or washing your hair is out of the question.
  • Avoid putting makeup on.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or tanning at least a month after the procedure, as sun can light the pigment sooner than expected.
  • Don’t use facial scrubs or peels at least a month after the procedure.

If you still think that your microblading went wrong, this is what you should do:

Wait Until the Touch-up Meeting

Of course, the first step is DON’T PANIC, but this is perhaps easier said than done, so let’s focus on the things that you can actually do.

The touch up meeting is there to correct anything that needs correcting – either the pigment didn’t penetrate deep enough on some parts of your eyebrows making small spots of lighter color, or perhaps you’re not satisfied with your shape or your color. All of the above can be fixed during the touch-up so the only problem that remains is your patience while you’re waiting for this appointment.

Go to a New Artist

Another option would be to change artists and visit someone who you think is better and ask for somebody else’s opinion. As far as this is concerned, make sure to choose your artist carefully this time, as you probably hadn’t done it that well the first time around. The Art of Beauty Academy can be your savior in these situations as all of our artists will be more than happy to put a smile back on your face and make you satisfied with the way your eyebrows look.

PhiBrows Certified Master Gabriela

Let Them Fade and Get Them Redone

Your final option is to start over right over by quickly fading your eyebrows on purpose. Even though it’s not recommended, and it would be better to see a new artist and get their own opinion on this matter, this is how you can easily fade your eyebrows:

  • Don’t follow after-care instructions
  • Sweat and exercise
  • Do facials
  • Go to saunas
  • Using exfoliating face products
  • Don’t get your touch-up

Once everything is done and you see that your brows are completely faded, you can start again. Another option would be to let them fade naturally (but this means you’ll have to wait sometime between one and three years).


Even though you might have experiences bad microblading, it’s not the end of the world, as there are people and artists who are very happy to help you, such as all of us here at the Art of Beauty Academy. However, the best way to prevent microblading gone wrong is to actually do your homework before the first appointment.

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