How to Build and Market Microblading Business in 7 Key Steps

One of the biggest concerns of every entrepreneur in this day and age is how to build his business and how to market it properly. The demand for each profession is extremely high, and no matter what you choose as your job, you will encounter a sea of competition. However, if you choose microblading as something that you will work for a living, perhaps you’re lucky enough – this is a business that’s still gaining popularity, so the sooner you start the better.

Don’t think that there’s no competition in this department, though. You need to find your voice among a plethora of people and companies that offer this service, but if you do this properly, find your clientele and use good products such as the ones from PhiBrows online shop, the chances of you succeeding are even higher. So, how to properly build and, more importantly, how to market microblading? Take a look at the following steps:

How to Build and Market Your Microblading Business by

1. Choose Quality Over Price

The most important thing is that you should always choose quality. There are products on the market that are quite affordable, which can sound terrific if you’re starting your microblading business, but you want to focus on quality from the start. Choosing to obtain a microblading certificate from PhiBrows USA  and using their products for your microblading business will give your clients the idea that you actually know your microblading products and that quality is more important to you than money. Even though this might cost a bit more at the very beginning, the truth is that it will pay off quite rapidly. Moreover, you will attract more customers who know how to appreciate good service.

2. Make Your Brand and Choose Your Design

In the era of technology, what is seen matters a lot. You could be the best microblading artist in the world, but if you don’t establish your brand in the right way and don’t have a design whatsoever, you might end up with fewer customers than someone who knows practically nothing about high-quality microblading but has good aesthetics. If you want to know how to market microblading as your business, you need to invest a bit in the logo, a working website specialized for microblading business and fancy business cards. Your brand should be the extension of you, so choosing anything that will associate your customers with you is a great thing.

How to Market Your Microblading Business

3. Get Visual

Bear in mind that the design is not the only visual aid that you should incorporate if you want to build and market your business properly. There are other platforms that are extremely popular nowadays, such as YouTube, so if you’re, for example, quite satisfied with your work, filming yourself and posting it online in order to reach a larger crowd of people might be an excellent idea. Not only for this purpose – many people who choose to undergo a microblading procedure do their research beforehand and watch various microblading tutorials trying to find the best artist and go with them. This is definitely something that will make you more visible, especially if you’re at the beginning.

4. Have Everything From the Very Beginning

It’s not rare that people who start their business start small and then build their business up. However, this might not be the best technique, as you want your customers to see that you really put yourself in this business and that you’re fully prepared from the moment you start. This is why having all the essential tools and products from the first minute is of the utmost importance – when customers come in, they need to see that you paid attention to the blades and microblading tools that you chose, but they should also be able to see and browse through all the aftercare products that you might have in your premises.

PhiBrows Microblading Tools and Products

5. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Media

The power of social media has never been stronger, and we’re not talking only about Facebook. Many of you who are not that familiar with social networks or the way they work will not even consider advertising your product on other social networks, and this would be your first wrong step. Instagram is biggest advertising platform at the moment, so being there might do wonders for your business. Since recently, Instagram has the option for you to sponsor your posts and profile so that you could reach out to a bigger number of people who are actually interested in microblading. However, if you opt for this step (and you definitely should), make sure to know how to market microblading on Instagram and do a bit of research on what photos to post and how to form your campaigns.

6. Before and After Photos

There’s nothing that proves how good of an artist you are than posting before and after photographs on your website. Apart from seeing the ‘PhiBrows’ sign next to your name (which definitely shows quality), your customers should see how good you are at fixing what’s wrong. Not only will your customers decide to go with you as their microblading artist, but this will also serve as an excellent word of mouth advertisement, which is probably the best way for you to obtain more customers who will be satisfied.

Microblading before and after

7. Have All the Answers

Unless you want to be perceived as someone who doesn’t really care about his profession, you need to be prepared for every question your customers ask you. Probably the most important one is how long microblading lasts, so make sure that you actually know which answer to give them. Also, other questions might be connected to the risks of the procedure and the preparation and aftercare. If you obtain a PhiBrows certificate, you will definitely have all the answers even before you start your own business.

So, how to market microblading business? Good technique is not the only thing that’s important, even though it’s crucial. Make sure that you have all the business information and try your best to advertise your brand in the best possible way according to today’s demands!

Let’s team up! Make Art of Beauty Academy your business partner and let your passion and our knowledge create something good and longlasting!

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