How to Get a Microblading Certificate and License?

Is microblading something you would like to master? You are not the only one – there are a lot of beauticians, cosmeticians and artists who understand what a creative and profitable profession this is. In order to become a microblading expert, you need to make an effort, invest some time and energy, learn and practice. Apart from becoming as skilled and agile as possible, you should also fulfill certain criteria proving you have enough knowledge, training and experience to do this job.

Let’s see what steps there are for you to take with the aim of acquiring the right knowledge and, both,  microblading certificate and microblading license.

Do I Need to Be a Licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist to Obtain a Microblading Certificate?

No, you don’t. What you do need, though, is to start learning and practicing with an experienced and renowned expert from this field, such is PhiBrows. Furthermore, you need to get a microblading certificate. How to do that? Choose a course that suits you best.

What Course to Take to Get a Microblading Certificate?

There are a few steps to go through in microblading certification process. First, you should be aware that there are live microblading courses and the online ones. Then, you should check if a course you are interested in has been approved by the key boards, such as The American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) or The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). Let’s check out these courses options and what they offer.

Option 1: Attend a Live Microblading Course

If you would like to take part in classes directly, ask questions, observe a real microblading master at work, you have found your kind of course. Do you need a previous experience before you apply for the course? No, you don’t. Whether you are a total beginner in the beauty industry or a seasoned professional seeking to improve your knowledge and business, a 2-day course such as our live PhiBrows USA training is the one for you. Here, a master artist is about to show you how microblading is done on live models.

Upon the completion, you will be awarded a certificate of attendance and a six-month access to additional online material and lessons. The instructors will be available for all the assistance you are in need of in order to guide you through the whole process of obtaining a microblading certificate. What’s more, you are offered a variety of locations and dates which are most convenient for you, since live microblading courses are held all over the USA.

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Option 2: Take an Online Microblading Course

Can’t afford 2 days away from work or home? Consider joining our online PhiBrows course to obtain your microblading certificate. Online lecturers and resources are at your disposal within the period of 6 months.

This is a step-by-step process that will give you a chance to advance your skills and knowledge at your own pace. Regardless of the current location of your business or home, you will have no problem accessing all the necessary material and support. How easy and convenient is this online course?

Get a Microblading Certificate

Once you have successfully finished a PhiBrows microblading course, you will be awarded a PhiBrows microblading certificate. The certificate shows you have been trained and examined by experienced PhiBrows professionals.

What comes next?

Get a Microblading License

In order to start working in this area of the beauty industry and improve your career prospects, a microblading license is required. This is different from the certificate you already have. Thus, there may be an extra exam to take, especially one regarding health and safety issues.

Not only does the license protect clients from unskilled microblading, it also protects you and your business. A microblading license shields you from unqualified competition because you are the one who offers professional and legal service.

Since microblading regulations vary from state to state, it is always best to contact your state or county health department or the organization that regulates cosmetology, permanent makeup or tattooing. Check their requirements for facilities, equipment and hygiene and make sure you meet them before actually applying. Once you get your microblading license, do not forget to keep it up to date. This license has to be renewed to be legally valid.

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Boost your Business

Have you got an adequate training, a certificate and a license? Great work! Now all you need to do is practice, focus on the latest trends and techniques. You can now easily expand your client database and increase your income. It is time for your business to take off. Ready for the flight?

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