Why Is an Entrepreneurial Mindset Important When Trying to Succeed in Microblading

Microblading is big business in the beauty industry. In the USA alone, clients can expect to pay anywhere between $400 and $1500 to get their eyebrows treated. When you consider how much money is at stake, and how little you need to invest, the returns can be amazing.

However, not everyone can succeed. Like any business, microblading requires more than just a quality service. Really good microblading is important, but it’s only one part of the equation.

To truly succeed as a microblading artist, you also need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. It’s a game changer you can’t afford to miss out on. If you’re still unsure about its benefits, here’s exactly why it’s so important.

Why Is an Entrepreneurial Mindset Important When Trying to Succeed in Microblading by artofbeautyacademy.com

Thinking Strategically Cuts Spending

As an entrepreneur, your main goal is to produce a great deal of profit and expand your business. To achieve this you will need to make smart decisions when making investments, to lower their cost.

First off, learn how to find a good microblading training in the US. The quality of your initial investment will determine whether or not you will spend more afterward. It’s far better to pay a little bit extra than to pay for two classes because the first one didn’t work out for you.
Generally, look for live microblading courses which include a kit and have a strong success rate. The kit will cut supply costs, while positive testimonials mean the students who chose that particular training went on to earn money from microblading. In the long run, investing in quality lowers your overall spending.

Self-Awareness Improves Service Quality

An entrepreneurial mindset means you are constantly on the lookout to improve yourself and your business. In the microblading business, this usually means you are always improving your techniques and skills, taking online microblading trainings and advancing towards the title of master.

Continue your training and attend advanced training. These introduce you to new products and best practices you are unaware of.

A higher service quality leads to extremely loyal and satisfied clients. These types of clients can bring you even more business by simple word of mouth. And because of a sudden surge of interest, you can drive a premium price point for that higher quality.

Self-Awareness Improves Service Quality

Being Resourceful Expands Business

As of right now, there is a microblading artist in your city. That’s your competition. What you might lack in experience you can make up with resourcefulness.

When offering your services to potential clients, use the PhiBrows logo and certificate as a sign of quality. PhiBrows microblading is revolutionizing eyebrows and it’s an internationally recognized brand which has a standard clients know is worth their money.

Beside branding your business in a certain way, you can also look for alternative marketing strategies. A good and affordable place to start is to make your services available on Yelp and Craigslist. This works to your advantage since you target local clients without spending too much.

You can also ask your instructor for a referral. Most microblading master artists are more than happy to support their students, so you might consider asking yours to put in a good word for you and then share it for everyone to see.

Being Resourceful Expands Business

Smarter Risk Management

As a new microblading artist, you might consider freelancing (making house calls) or join an existing salon. However, a business mindset will weigh in the risks and tell you it is worth opening your own place.

The obvious benefit is that most of the profit stays with you. But it also allows you more freedom and control over how you do business.

You can choose to buy products and tools from an online microblading supply store, instead of the local realtor. You can select your client, and if need be rejected to work with some of them. You can even take a chance on similar services, like manual shading and ombre, just to see if they are popular in your area.
Plus, if you have too much local competition you can always risk relocating to a different town or city. It might seem insecure, but by choosing an area with low opposition you can establish yourself as the local leader when it comes to microblading.

Better Work-Life Balance

When it comes to having your own business, an entrepreneurial mindset can help you create a better work-life balance. It allows you to focus on important things, without losing sight of success.

It makes you goal oriented. If the goal is to increase your profit by 50% this month, you will work out how much clients you need to microblade per day to achieve it. So if you need to take a few days off, you will know exactly how much treatments you will need to perform the next week to make up for it.

Ultimately, an entrepreneurial mindset will help you enjoy life and microblading more. You will be a happier business owner, who finds satisfaction in everyday tasks and looks towards new challenges. And knows how to become a successful microblading makeup artist!

PhiBrows Master Artist Gabriela Addie

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