DIY Microblading: Do Not Try This at Home! by

DIY Microblading: Do Not Try This at Home!

Microblading has been a huge trend lately and as it often happens with any new beauty craze, people are trying to make it work at home. The price of a microblading session can be discouraging, agreed. Prices go from $350 up to $800 dollars depending on the artist.

However, with permanent makeup, going around playing a licensed artist can be detrimental. DIY microblading is currently one of the most dangerous trends on the Internet and the number of non-professionals trying to microblade their own brows at home is worrisome. Advocating for DIY microblading is irresponsible and can have serious consequences. Here’s an overview of all the things that could go wrong.

A Poor Technique

Microblading is a relatively invasive procedure, as it includes skin trauma. A microblading needle penetrates the skin in order to inject pigments and strokes through the skin leave hair-like markings. This requires an elaborate technique microblading artists spend months mastering. It is not enough to watch a few videos and try to immitate the professional.

The pressure on the needle determins the depth of the strokes. The pigments are supposed to be injected relatively shallow, at 0.08mm to 0.15mm. At this depth, the color of the pigments looks best and is the most stable. Getting the depth right takes practice and a very steady hand. Doing this without any training will lead to deeper skin penetration, which results in long-term scarring and pigments behaving unpredictably. Saving some money might sound good at first, but laser scar removal is just as expensive (and a lot more painful). Pigment migration is another unfortunate outcome.


The Risk of Infections

Every professional microblading artist is taught theory on proper preparations, aftercare, and tool sterilization. Googling not enough prep to keep you safe. A misstep in any phase of the process can lead to infections of all kinds, from minor ones to serious ones that can damage your health.

It’s not just the blade that needs to be sterilized. The pigments must not come in contact with any contaminated surface or improvised mixing tool on the way from the bottle to the skin. Only professional tools can be used for microblading. While it is true that anyone can buy professional supplies, only trained artists know how to use them properly. Trained artists know how to recognize signs of unusual skin reactions and know how to treat them. They are also equipped with appropriate anesthetics, so the procedure is basically painless.

Aftercare is a particularly vulnerable time. During the first 7-10 days after the procedure, the treated area is prone to infections, which is why clients must follow customized aftercare instructions you can only get from a microblading artist. Everyone’s skin is different and there are numerous health conditions that have to be taken into account, which is done during consults with a professional.

A Botched Job

Even if you avoid infections and scarring, chances are you’re going to end up with unnatural, asymmetrical pair of brows. It is impossible to draw completely symmetric outlines yourself, as you cannot see your face from all angles. Equal thickness of all the strokes is very important for the strokes to blend in with natural hairs.

Shade matching also requires professional training. Pigments behave differently according to skin thickness, skin tone and undertone. Only a trained eye can predict how the color will look once injected.

Why Choose a Trained PhiBrows Artist

Every PhiBrows licensed artist has gone through detailed PhiBrows microblading training which covers all theoretical and practical aspects of microblading. It takes 6 months to obtain a certificate, during which time they gain enough experience to create fabulous results. They go through training on props and live models, all under the watchful eye of PhiBrows master artists.

PhiBrows artists use quality tools and innovative pigment formulas. They are trained in shade matching, outlining, and measuring tehcniques that comply with the Golden Ratio.

Even less experinced trained artists can do a great job at average prices. So if you’re looking for a way to save money on microblading, this is the only possibility.

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