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PhiSpring - New Arrivals on PhiShop USA by

PhiSpring – New Arrivals on PhiShop USA

Spring is just around the corner, and at Art of Beauty Academy, we prepared some revolutionary treats for our artists! We bring you some new formulas, some old but improved technology, and something blue! We give you top 10 new products available now on the official PhiShop USA!

Phi-ION Pro

The redesigned Phi-ION PRO brings skin ionization technology to a whole new level. The latest high-carbonization technology has been integrated into Phi-ION PRO for maximum efficiency in treating a number of skin issues through ion emission, like skin tags, spots of different origin, moles, warts, and similar. Depending on the issue, the Phi-ION PRO offers several levels of intensity, and two electrode sizes, so the treatment can be customized and adapted.

We’ve also improved the handling, so your clients should expect top precision and minimal pain and discomfort.

Phi-ion pro available at Official PhiShop USA

PhiContour PMU Pigment Sludge

The PhiContour Pigment Sludge is a new formulation from PhiBrows. This formula makes PMU pigments thicker and more solid, and allows you to make the most of the pigments, so they give more long lasting results.

PhiContour sludge by

PhiLashes Foam

Proper preparation is one of the key factors of a successful lash extension treatment. The PhiLashes Foam ensures your clients’ lashes will be totally clean, so there’s no leftover makeup, dust, or any of the common airborne dirt on them before the treatment starts. The PhiLashes cleasning foam is also a great option for daily hygiene, as it’s suitable for all skin types, doesn’t dry out the skin, and has an antibacterial effect that prevents eye irritation or a possible infection.


PhiContour Activator Pigment

The PhiContour Activator Pigment is an innovative formula that will revolutionize color correction! The special active ingredients in this orange toned additive assure that any PhiContour pigment you mix it into, maintains its warmth of color and doesn’t turn into an unattractive gray once healed. It can also be used to neutralize the cold bluish tone of any old pigments that might have remained in the skin as a result of a prior treatment with subpar pigments.


Skin Candy After PhiLaser Treatment Gel

There’s a new addition to our Skin Candy aftercare line! Any laser treatment leaves the skin irritated and damaged to a certain degree. The Skin Candy After PhiLaser Treatment Gel immediately relieves the discomfort caused by a laser treatment and accelerates the recovery of the skin.

We’ve combined high quality ingredients – witch hazel, sea camomile, aloe vera, panthenol, and tea tree oil – to achieve a manifold effect. The aftercare gel speeds up the reparation of the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis, hyaluronic acid and elastin production, reduces swelling and redness, gives a pleasant cooling sensation, nourishes and creates a barrier which traps moisture and prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated. It also has an antibacterial effect, which is especially important, as it prevents any possible infection. For maximum results, it should be used for 10 days.


PhiLashes Premium Colored Mink Mix

The PhiLashes Premium eyelash extensions come in a wide range of colors and shades which are bound to fulfill the wish of any client! The top quality mink used to make our PhiLashes ensures that you’ll be able to enhance the beauty of every client without causing them discomfort. Due to the fineness of each individual lash, the chances of premature loss of natural lash hairs is minimal with proper application.  


PhiContour PMU Water Blue Pigment

Prepare to fall in love with our brand new pigment shade! The PhiContour Pigment in Water Blue was created with your boldest clients in mind. We’ve combined a gorgeous new shade with the standard, top-quality formula that ensures lasting results.


Collagen Nourishing Face Mask

Our new Collagen Nourishing Sheet Mask has special protective properties. Its active ingredients include Hijiki Seaweed Extract and Hydrolyzed Collagen that help skin reparation and give it back firmness and elasticity, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


PhiBrows 1-Round Blade

The new PhiBrows Blade for PhiRemoval makes the removal of any old, unwanted permanent makeup easier than ever. It doesn’t only make the job of the technician easier, but also brings the discomfort to a minimum.


Gift Card

To wraps things up, here’s an idea for a present that won’t go unnapreciated! If you’re looking to surprise a friend or family member in the PMU industry, what better way than with our PhiBrows Gift Card? The value chosen can be redeemed for any product on our website.


Check out all our newest products, as well as those well-known and loved ones, on official PhiShop USA website.

NEW Training Alert at our Academy: Nano Removal by

NEW Training Alert at our Academy: Nano Removal

Our PhiMasters are not only top permanent makeup trainers! The permanent makeup industry is a dinamic business and at Art of Beauty Academy, we’re constantly working on developing new treatments and trainings, and perfecting them. The latest addition to the list of our courses is the nano removal training, a skill definitely worth mastering!

So listen up, PMU artists! Here’s everything you need to know about nano removal.

What is Nano Removal?

Nano removal is the latest permanent makeup removal technique. It’s a relatively non-invasive way to extract and remove permanent makeup pigments and tattoo ink that are unwanted for whatever reason: unsatisfying results, unattractive fading due to poor quality pigment, or simply a need for a change.

The process is quite straightforward; a needle is dragged through the skin where the unwanted pigments were once injected. As the needle is dragged upwards, the pigments are pulled to the surface where a scab is formed. The pigment is retained in the scab and once the skin heals, the scab falls off together with the extracted pigment.


How is Nano Removal Different From Other Removal Techniques?

In comparison to the well known microneedling removal, the results are visible much faster. In other words, the pigment is extracted in fewer sessions.

The technician uses a nanoneedle instead of the microneedle, hence the name of the technique. The nanoneedle is the thinnest needle on the market. Due to its tiny diameter, the nanoneedle causes much less damage to the skin and barely any irritation other than the scab, which is actually the desired result.

The healing period is much shorter than with microneedling, and since the nanoneedle gives maximum precision, more pigment is removed. So overall, we can say with confidence that nano removal is the most efficient pigment removal technique on the market.

What is the Nano Removal Training Like?

The Nano Removal Training Course is a 2-day event held by Phi Master Technician Jordy Naponiello in small groups of up to 10 students. Day 1 is dedicated to the theory behind the procedure, including information on using the machine, health and safety conditions, handling clients, workstation setup and maintenance etc. Day 2 is the practical part of the training. Students practice basic and advanced stroke patterns on latex props and even live models under the supervision of the trainer.

After the two-day event, the students receive a certificate of attendance and the Premium Nano Removal kit that contains all the top quality tools and supplies necessary for performing the procedure. They are also given access to the exclusive Phi 6-month continuous education program. Over the next 6 months, each student perfects the skill with the help of the app which features videos, photos and lectures and the support, supervision and advice from class mates and instructors, who are here available 24/7 for as long and as often as you need them.

How Much Does the Nano Removal Training Cost?

The price of the NanoRemoval Live Training is $1,895 – $2,795 depending on the machine you choose for your Premium Nano Removal kit. For all Art of Beauty courses you now have the option of deferred payment.

Where Can I Sign Up?

All the upcoming training events are listed here.

For any further information, feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail!

Call: 800-958-2443

10 Most Popular PhiBrows Products Among PhiBrows Artists by

10 Most Popular PhiBrows Products Among PhiBrows Artists

Quality tools and supplies are essential to successful microblading. Microblading takes quite a bit of precision and concentration, but luckily, there are numerous PhiBrows products created to make the lives of microblading artist easier (and their clients satisfied with the results). The innovation and quality of PhiBrows products made this brand one of the most popular manufacturers of microblading supplies.

Here are the top 10 most popular PhiBrows products!

Eccentric Disposable Microblading Tool 304 blade

One of the most popluar tools out there. This handle is easy to use and sits nicely in your hand, making the microblading process as efficient as possible. The added microbrush and the special design of the handle are what makes this tool stand out. The PhiBrows™ Eccentric Disposable Microblading Tool 304 blade works best with the 0.18 blade.

Eccentric Disposable Microblading Tool 304 blade

Skin Candy Protective Cream

Proper aftercare in the first week following the procedure is extremely important. The PhiSheild Skin Candy Protective Cream was formulated not only to protect the skin from bacteria after a microblading session, but it also speeds up the healing process. It hydrates the clients’ skin and makes the pigment look more vibrant. The unique formula makes it suitable for all skin types.

Skin Candy Protective Cream

PhiBrows™ Marker Pen for Microblading

The PhiBrows™ Marker Pen for Microblading is a practical measurng and marking tool which offers maximum precision. It is flexible and easy to use, dries quickly, and is 100% safe to use on skin. Good preparation is half the process!

PhiBrows™ Marker Pen for Microblading

Phi™ Wipes After Care

This product is an important part of aftercare. The hygienic Phi™ After Care Wipes are meant to be used before and after the Skin Candy protective cream instead of other face washing products. The special formula protects the treated area from infection without damaging the pigment.

Phi™ Wipes After Care

PhiBrows™ Microblading U-304 Blades 18 Stainless Steel

PhiBrows U-304 Blade was especially designed to draw the thinnest lines possible. It works with both classic and electric tools. The 18 pins are 100% stainless steel and positioned in a U-shaped formation, which makes this blade work in any angle.

PhiBrows™ Microblading U-304 Blades 18 Stainless Steel

PhiBrows™ Latex Practice Skin Printed Shape and Outlines

The PhiBrows™ Latex Practice Skin Printed Shape and Outlines are an integral part of any level of microblading training. The special texture of the latex feels and behaves just like real skin, so this practice kit is the most practical way to perfect your microblading skills and develop your signature style at only $18 a kit.

PhiBrows™ Latex Practice Skin Printed Shape and Outlines

PhiBrows™ Disposable Tool U-Blade 18 Eccentric

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of both the original Eccentric handle and the U-shaped blade. The PhiBrows™ Disposable Tool U-Blade 18 Eccentric combines the two for maximum precision and mobility. This combination ensures that every stroke will come out perfectly, which speeds up the process. The handle gives the artist exceptional pressure control which is enough reason to put this product among most popular PhiBrows products.

PhiBrows™ Disposable Tool U-Blade 18 Eccentric

PhiBrows™ Microblading Pigments SUPE Brown 2

Now this product is an absolute must have! The PhiBrows™ Microblading Pigment SUPE Brown 2 is a versatile pigment that can be matched to any hair color depending on the amount used. Originally designed for natural brunettes, a smaller dose works on blonde clients, a larger one on dark haired ones. Apart from the top quality formula, this versatility and adaptability is what makes the Brown no. 2 a staple in any microblading kit.

PhiBrows™ Microblading Pigments SUPE Brown 2

Phi™ Wipes Block Tonic

Another type of aftercare wipes, the Phi™ Wipes Block Tonic are also convenient for use during the treatment. This is a versatile product that prevents the sideffects of microblading and other permanent makeup procedures: bleeding and scab forming. It also removes lymph and minimizes the chance of scarring. This product is perfect for aftercare, especially for more carefree clients. To be used before applying the Skin Candy protective cream and for its removal. These wipes create a protective layer and prevent skin damage.

Phi™ Wipes Block Tonic

PhiBrows™ Microblading Pigments SUPE Brown 3

Another super popular pigment shade. The PhiBrows™ Microblading Pigments SUPE Brown 3 as known as Brown no. 3 is a deep shade of brown that appears almost black, which makes it perfect for clients with especially dark hair. The hue can be modified with other pigments. The innovative formula is 100% free of heavy metals and lasts quite a bit longer than regular pigment.

PhiBrows™ Microblading Pigments SUPE Brown 3 as one of most popular PhiBrows products

Permanent Makeup and Regaining Confidence: How Is It Possible? by

Permanent Makeup and Regaining Confidence: How Is It Possible?

Regaining your confidence is definitely a tricky endeavor, especially if you lost it due to a serious illness. Or, simply, if you’re a person that’s very self-conscious. Different therapies and talking to people can help out, but it will take some time to learn to appreciate yourself. However, even though it wasn’t the case before, semi permanent makeup can help you in this department, too.

But how? What is so special about semi-permanent and permanent makeup treatments that can help you forget about the person you once were and see yourself in a completely different light? The answer is simple – no matter if you went through a serious illness or you’re simply not satisfied with something on your face, this cosmetic tattooing procedure can help you fix whatever needs to be fixed, and thus boost your confidence.

It Can Help You After a Serious Illness

Many people try to judge permanent and semi-permanent makeup, without actually thinking about all the positive things they carry with them. For example, one of the most important ways in which permanent makeup can help a person regain his or her self-confidence is by giving them back something that life had taken. Cancer survivors, for example, opt for different PMU procedures as it helps them a lot in boosting their confidence once again.

Not only is eyebrow microblading and microshading a great treatment for all who lost their body hair due to chemotherapy, there is also an amazing procedure that could be great for all the survivors of breast cancer. Namely, nipple and areola reconstruction can help them feel more comfortable about their own breasts, without being afraid to show them to anyone.

It Can Help You Be Less Self-Conscious

Another group of people that could benefit from the perks of semi permanent makeup are people who would like to fix something on their face they’re not satisfied with. Apart from eyebrow microblading and microshading (which is a great option for everyone who simply can’t have the desired eyebrows or have gone through chemotherapy), there is the option of lip makeup that can fix any issues with the lips, such as scarring or cleft lips.

Being completely satsfied with a body part you have been self-conscious about is something that we should all encourage. This is a proof that permanent makeup is not there simply to make you prettier – it’s there to give people what they need to feel happy and satisfied once again.

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It Can Deal With Hair Loss

Finally, it’s not only women who can benefit from the perks of permanent and semi permanent makeup. Men often suffer from hair loss and receding hairline, and the procedure of scalp micropigmentation can certainly help them out. Feeling self-conscious after starting to lose hair is a very common issue with men, and this is the procedure that will restore their confidence once again. One option is the perfect treatment for all men who are bold and who are not happy about that.

Scalp micropigmentation mimics hair so that it looks that they have full hair that’s simply always extremely short. Not only is this cheaper than hair transplant, but it’s also more effective (as hair transplant is not always successful). Moreover, there is the option of shading the bold spots in the hair so that the hair looks fuller. This is an option that women also opt for, as one of the biggest fears of a woman is to start losing their hair in certain spots due to stress or different illnesses.

However, hair loss doesn’t always have to be connected with hair as we know it. There are different medical conditions during which parts of eyebrows stop growing or becoming bold, and eyebrow microblading is the best option here.

An Important Tip

A very important thing to bear in mind is that you should always look for an artist that’s certified. Remember that a good artist can either make or break your final look, so it’s important not to save money. Even though different salons and artists have different prices, higher prices are often justified. Do your homework beforehand, and check the artist’s or salon’s before and after photographs – this should be a good indicator of the quality of the services they offer.

There’s no other aesthetic treatment that can boost your confidence. Semi permanent and permanent makeup can definitely do wonders and save lives. It’s a great option for everyone who feel they need to change something about themselves in order to be happier and fully content with the way they look.

5 Best Online Beauty and Permanent Makeup Courses to Take in 2019 by

5 Best Online Beauty and Permanent Makeup Courses to Take in 2019

The fashion and makeup industry have definitely come a long way. Not only is it much simpler to find a salon where you undergo any permanent makeup treatment that you want, but it’s also a great and creative way to earn your living. If you have no idea what you want to do in the future, or you’re tired of your job, you can always opt for one of the best and most financially rewarding beauty and permanent makeup courses. Now, since life nowadays can be pretty hectic, you might not have a lot of time to go to a certain class or course. Luckily for you, there are some online beauty courses that you can take that will actually give you all the necessary knowledge and skills that you need.

These are, according to our academy, the top 5 online beauty and permanent makeup courses that you won’t regret taking this year, especially if you’re looking for a new adventure and a new profession. Why not make your profession something that you’re already passionate about?

Online Microblading Course

One of the most popular forms of permanent and semi-permanent makeup is microblading. Even though you can find a microblading artist practically around any corner right now, it’s very important to know how to be unique and stand out from the crowd. There’s no better way to do so than by being certified, so what you want to do is opt for a legit online PhiBrows microblading course. This online beauty course’s goal is to teach you how to microblade while meeting the world best known PhiBrows standard. Once you sign up for this course, you will be given a free micorblading kit (that you will also be able to use after the course’s done, of course) and access to the Craft Master App that you will need. Each student gets online material that they need alongside the video and audio materials, texts and guides.

This is a great way to learn the basics of the microblading hair-stroke techniques, shaping the eyebrows to the golden ratio and much, much more. Once you finish this course with flying colors and you want some extra practice, you can also opt for live classes where you will gain even more hands-on experience. Another great thing is the fact that you can earn really a lot from microblading. New artists can earn from $500 per session, especially by using the free kit to help you out in the beginning.

Course name:  PhiBrows Online Microblading Training
Duration:  6 months (from the moment of activation)
Price:  $1800
Who can apply:  Everyone

Online Powder Brows Course

Another great online course that you can take is the one which will allow you to master the skill of creating amazing powder brows. This procedure is a semi-permanent one that uses a special shading technique for creating powder brows, which are basically natural looking eyebrows with a powdery effect. The online powder brows course will teach you how to manually shade and powder the brows, how to shape the eyebrows, and also calculate the symmetry of the eyebrows and measure them using the Craft Master App. You will be given access to the application upon paying your online beauty course, but apart from that, you will also receive a free Powder Brows premium kit that you will be able to use even after you finish the course.

The online powder brow course will give you the option of earning a 10x higher annual income – the prices per session range from $350 – $1000, depending on the area you live and work, and your expertise. Also, if you think you want more training after completing your online one, there is the option of pursuing a live training, where you can practice on live models.

Course name:  Powder Brows Online Course
Duration:  6 months (from the moment of activation)
Price:  $1300 | $1800 | $2100
Who can apply:  Everyone

Online Lash Lift Course

Next up, you can also consider the lash lift cosmetic technique. This is a technique of lifting and straightening the eyelashes using a combination of different vitamins, oils and amino acids. This process will allow your eyelashes to grow as much as 50%, so it’s not shocking that many women opt for this, making it a great and financially rewarding business (you can pay off what you invested just after a month). Once you sign up for online lash lift course, you will receive the full vitamin lash lift kit that’s made out of the best products, access to a private lash lift forum, and a step-to-step lash lift guide.

Course name:  Online Vitamin Lash Lift Training
Duration:  6 months (from the moment of activation)
Price:  $550
Who can apply:  Everyone

Online Scalp Micropigmentation Course

Scalp micropigmentation is not a beauty process that many opt for, mainly because it’s a bit more demanding than eyebrow microblading. Yet, it’s a great opportunity for you to expand your business. For those who don’t know, scalp micropigmentation is a permanent cosmetic procedure that uses tattoo to simulate a natural hairline.

Opting for an online scalp micropigmentation training, not only will you learn a lot about the causes of hair loss, different hair loss solutions and tattooing, but also about blending the strokes into real hair, finishing the hairline and drawing hairlines. You will also receive a $1200 premium kit and access to the Craft Master App. Once the online course finishes and you want to continue your education, you also have the option of attending the live training. The price for a scalp microblading session depends on many different factors, but it’s definitely a way to earn a six figure income.

Course name: Online PhiScalp Micropigmentation Training
Duration:  6 months (from the moment of activation)
Price:  $1750 | $2200 | $2600
Who can apply:  Everyone

Online Manual Shading Ombre Brows Course

Finally, there’s also the option of finishing the manual ombre shading online course, which will differentiate you from the rest. This is a new cosmetic technique that results in eyebrows with a shading effect without the use of makeup. It involves combining microblading strokes with brow shading powder in order to create the perfect eyebrow appearance.

Apart from access to the Craft Master app and the professional shading kit (which consists of products and tools of the highest quality), you also get practical and theoretical lessons, three months of unlimited support and guidance provided by a master artist, and a spot on the World’s Artist Map. It’s definitely a course that you want to consider if you want to earn a bit more on the side – the $1300 that you pay for the course will pay off very quickly!

Course name:  PhiBrows Online Shading Training
Duration:  6 months (from the moment of activation)
Price:  $1300
Who can apply:  Everyone

Final Thoughts

If you’re a busy person, or you want to learn a new skill very quickly from the comfort of your own home, you might want to opt for one of these online beauty courses. They will certainly help you make your living, but most importantly, they will make your business life much more interesting because working with makeup is never boring. If you want some extra practice, you can always opt for the additional live trainings, and thus gain more knowledge and practice.

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