Your Guide to Best Microblading Pigments at The Market Right Now

The microblading process is a bit complicated as it is – not everyone can do it, but if you obtained a PhiBrows microblading certification, it means that you’re already an excellent technician. However, one of the most challenging parts of each microblading process is to find the right microblading pigments for the skin and hair color of your customer.

Not everyone has the same color hue and every person is different – these are just some of the things that you need to pay attention to while choosing the right pigment for your customer’s brows. Finally, this is something that can either make or break any final look.

However, this might be slightly easier with the PhiBrows microblading pigments, as they come in various shades and pigments, that not only can you use as they are, but you will be able to mix them, thus creating a completely new pigment that just might be perfect for your new customer whose skin tone and hair color cannot easily be determined or matched to any other pigment.

So, if you have any difficulties with finding the right microblading pigments for someone, or you simply want to make sure you’re doing everything in the best possible way, take a look at this guide:

Measure the Warmth

The first step that you need to do is measure the warmth (or the redness) of your customer’s face, by looking at their skin. Some clients might have pale or rosy skin, others might be a bit more olive and tan, while there will certainly be those whose skin color is deep-hued and dark. The amount of red will furthermore determine what microblading pigments you should choose.

In order to be perfectly sure that the pigment you chose is the right one for your client, take a bit and smear and do a match test on your customer’s skin. This will help you see if the undertones of your customer’s color actually match that specific pigment, and you can start from there.

Best Pigments for Microblading: A Complete Guide by

What’s Best for Natural Blondes and People With a Bit of Red Skin Pigment?

Apart from testing the skin for redness, you need to pay attention to the hair color your customer currently has. For everyone who has a somewhat fair complexion with rosy cheeks and are blonde, you need to choose a bit cooler tones.

The best option for natural blondes are definitely PhiBrows SUPE Brown 1 or PhiBrows Sup Brown 1 as they are specifically designed for every natural blonde. This hue is a bit yellowish, but they are made with just a touch of black and red so that the hue doesn’t appear greenish after finishing with the microblading process (which is something that does happen a lot if the skin of your customer doesn’t have any red tones and you don’t incorporate a touch of red pigment to the brows). Also, if they do have a bit of red pigment in their skin, using these microblading pigments is an excellent idea as well.

All in all, you need to concentrate on lighter tones for everyone who’s fair, but make sure to give them a bit of depth by adding a bit of red tones and black for shading.

Microblading Pigments PhiBrows Brown 1

What’s Best for Natural Dark-Haired Clients and Brunettes?

As far as darker people are concerned, or people who have naturally darker hair and pigment, you need to go a bit warmer, so opting for the PhiBrows SUP 2 pigment is an excellent choice. This pigment has equal amounts of black, red and yellow, which means it’s very appropriate for any natural brunette.

However, if the skin of your customer is a bit darker, or perhaps they want a bit darker brows, then you can choose between PhiBrows SUP 3 and PhiBrows SUPE 2, which is the darkest shade of brown but still not very dark. It’s very stable, thick, and has that honey effect that’s ideal for dark-haired people.

Microblading Pigments PhiBrows SUPE Brown 2

What’s Best for Redheads?

Choosing a pigment for redheads might be a bit more challenging, especially because they do have that red pigment in their skin, but you simply cannot neglect the fact that their brows need to be red. The best option for such people is to go with warmer, red colors, as it will match perfectly with their hair and their most commonly light skin.

Choosing for example the PhiBrows SUPE Fox is a magnificent idea, because it’s flaming red, which means it’s perfect for any natural redhead. It’s made out of one part yellow to two parts red, which creates a very nice orange color that not only does look amazing on the face of a redhead, but also for blondes and brunettes who want brows that are a bit more red.

Microblading Pigments PhiBrows SUPE Fox

To conclude, you definitely need to do your homework beforehand if you really want to pick the perfect microblading pigments for your clients. In order to make this even easier, PhiBrows offer the very black pigment Arabian Night which is perfect for shading, the Golden Brown, Warm Effect and Sunset – each of these is unique in its own way and can be matched and mixed perfectly with any other pigment.

As already mentioned – the right pigment will make or break the outcome, so make sure you do it in the right way!

If haven’t already, head over to our online shop and browse all the microblading pigments mentioned above! 

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