9 Beauty Influencers Who Did Microblading

If a beauty influencer hasn’t done it, it doesn’t count. Thank God we have our beauty influencers, as we wouldn’t have known what’s trendy otherwise, right? Be as it may, it seems that we always turn to them whenever we have second thoughts on something – starting from what to wear, where to go, what makeup to use, but also whether we should consider microblading or not. Plenty of celebrities and among them beauty influencers as well, have turned to this procedure making their eyebrows just perfect. So, if you want to rest assured that beauty influencers opt for microblading as well, here’s your proof!

We present you a list of several beauty influencers who followed the microblading trend:

Huda Kattan

One of the most important beauty influencers of today, Huda Kattan, is certainly one of the most prominent examples of how microblading can make your whole appearance a lot better. As Huda says, she considered microblading for a long time, so she eventually said yes when she realized her eyebrows had been making her quite frustrated. Mrs Kattan says that if you have very thin eyebrows or you simply don’t have time to fill them out every day, you should definitely consider microblading. And, oh boy, we trust her!

Pippa O’ Connor

Even though she is not actually the idol of the new generation of teenagers, Pippa O’ Connor is perhaps one of the most stylish celebrities, businesswomen and models of the last decade. Just like many of them, Pippa opted for microbladed eyebrows, and she is one of the biggest fans of PhiBrows microblading. Pippa’s microblading artist was a PhiBrow certified artist in Ireland, and cannot stress the importance of the artist choice enough.

Pippa-o-Connor's microblading eyebrows

Image source: irishmirror.ie

Kylie Jenner

There’s not a young woman in the world who earns more than her, and it’s for a good reason. Kylie Jenner really is THAT beauty guru, regardless of whether you like her or not. However, even though she hasn’t ever publicly stated that, Kylie has undergone a micoblading procedure. There are numerous articles that deal with the fact that her eyebrows look amazing even when she has no makeup on, and bearing in mind that Kylie is always a living and walking mystery, we still cannot be sure.

Beauty influencer Kylie Jenner brows

Image source: kyliecosmetics.com

Ashley Brooke

Ashley Brooke is one of the most popular New York Youtubers at the moment. And apart from advising millennials what to wear and how to do their makeup, she mentioned her microblading process in one of her Vlogmas videos back in December 2017. Ashley also chose a certified brow artist to do her eyebrows in NY.

beauty influencer phibrows microblading

Source: youtube.com

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is not only the little girl we watched on Disney’s Shake it Up, Chicago, nor the grown-up actress that’s currently starring in Famous in Love. She’s also one of the most influential celebrities in the world, with thousands and thousands of teenage girls copying every little thing she does. Bella Thorne is also one of the few celebrities and influencers who got real about microblading. She said that the procedure was minimally painful for her, and she even documented the whole process on her Snapchat story with the artist Julia Faria.

Source: youtube.com

Tanya Burr

The 29-year-old British beauty influencer and Youtuber Tanya Burr is another example of how microblading can be perfectly done and how you can be completely honest about it. All of her 4 million subscribers already know this – Tanya Burr is an advocate for microbladed eyebrows as she is 100% satisfied with her own brow game.

Tanya Burr about microblading

Source: youtube.com

Gigi Gorgeous

Giselle Loren Lazzarato, known professionally as Gigi Gorgeous, is a Canadian beauty blogger, influencer, actress and a model. Apart from having more than 4 jobs, she is also an advocate for microbladed eyebrows, and her really look amazing. In April of 2017 she posted a Youtube video of herself getting her eyebrows microbladed and thus motivated everyone who’s not satisfied with their current brow game to do something about it.

Gigi Gorgeous microblading experience

Image source: trendingallday.com

Sierra Skye

The Fashion Nova supermodel is followed by more than 4 million people, and is definitely one of the sexiest models and beauty influencers right now. Even though she is not quite mainstream, Sierra has a huge following. She is also one of the few who admitted having her eyebrows microbladed and she added that because of her job, she wanted versatile brows that fit her modeling lifestyle.

Sierra Skye microblading eyebrows

Image source: twitter.com/sierra_egan

Ashley Marie Rosas

Being a pin-up girl is difficult, but being a successful and extremely beautiful pin-up girl is even more difficult. However, Ashley Marie Rosas is one of few who always pull this look off, and one part of her secret is the fact that she underwent the microblading procedure in order to make her brows just as she wanted them. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why her Youtube channel is so damn popular?

Ashley Marie Rosas microblading brows

Image source: instagram.com/pinupdollashleymarie/

As you can see, it’s not only the A class celebrities who opt for this step, it’s also the small ones; the people we see every day and the girls who are popular for being who they are. If these girls made you consider your brows microbladed, contact Art of Beauty Academy USA for more details.

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