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Hi there, Welcome to Art of Beauty Academy

Welcome to Art of Beauty Academy

Art of Beauty Academy is a community of master artists. We are drawn together by our shared passion to create something special each day, and our desire to change lives – one brow at a time.

Our story began in 2012, when Gabriela and Derek Addie decided to open the academy in Milan, Italy. Based on years of experience, they used their know-how to create something special – a place for exceptional cosmetic services and an unrivalled educational experience. Once they realized that dream, they quickly started attracting likeminded professionals under their banner.

Today, our small team of highly-skilled professionals led by Gabriela D. Addie is among the top rated academies in America, Europe and, in fact, the whole world. Without a doubt, this success is the success of our hundreds of students. We are proud of each and every one who has joined our community and contributed to our shared success.

We also take great pride in our relentless pursuit of knowledge. By now, we have mastered the art and science of microbladingmanual ombre shadingvitamin lash botox and scalp micropigmentation, and offer it to all our clients and students.

And we’re not stopping! We will continue to share our craft and our knowledge. To provide you with excellent service. To help you master your craft. To grow your business. And in Gabriela’s words:

“…dedicate every second to ensure you dominate the industry.”

Gabriela Addie

Gabriela is an award-winning trainer, master artist and founder of the Art of Beauty Academy. She has dedicated her life to mastering and teaching the art of microblading.

An alumni and master at the prestigious PhiAcademy, Gabriela’s success lies in her relentless desire to learn and perfect the craft she loves. Developing her skills in both Europe and North America, she is now regarded as a leader in the industry of semi-permanent and permanent cosmetic procedures.

In 2012, Gabriela, supported by her husband Derek Addie, was able to open her own academy and share the knowledge and experience she gained over the years. This has led Gabriela to new success as a trainer. Named the top rated trainer in America and receiving numerous awards, her biggest achievement are the hundreds of students who have passed her classes across the world.

As of 2017, the Art of Beauty Academy partnered up with the PhiBrows Academy and MyLamination. This allowed even more people to attend Gabriela’s classes and trainings at PhiBrows Academy USA.

Today, Gabriela remains the same determined passionate professional she was when she first started her journey. And continues to inspire everyone with her work:

“The art of Microblading is more than just picking up a blade after a class and creating hair like strokes. It’s about becoming connected with your inner Picasso and leaving your client speechless.”

Nereida Murrieta

Nereida Murrieta is a Royal Artist at the Art of Beauty Academy. All of her life she wanted to become a makeup artist and get into the beauty industry. In 2015, she finally found what she was looking and never looked back.

Nereida watched a video of someone getting their brows microbladed an knew that was it – she was hooked. After some research, she found herself catching a plane to Dallas for a one-on-one training course. Few months of practice followed, but it just wasn’t working.

In 2016, Nereida discovered the PhiAcademy by Branko Babic. Amazed by the work Royal Artists and Masters did, she enrolled to the online course and practiced day and night. She wanted her work to look like theirs.

Soon enough, Nereida received her PhiBrows certification and immediately attended a perfection course in 2017. Her drive and motivation led her to receive the title of Royal Artist. That’s when and where she first met master artist Gabriela Addie.

Today, Nereida has the pleasure of helping Gabriela organize her workshops all around USA, where she meets extraordinary women and men. Helping them achieve the dream that captivated her when she first heard about microblading.


Rachel Gall

Rachel is a Master Artist and founder of Lash with Rachel. Rachel’s passion for brows began with her first PhiBrows Training in 2017 with her Master Gabriela Addie. Since then, Rachel has studied and worked hard to become who she is today.

She had a huge determination to go from Student to Master.
Rachel gained her expertise in Casa Grande, a small town in Arizona. She traveled around the USA and outside the country to Belgrade, Serbia attending additional education courses and assisting her master in various classes.

Rachel has shown time and time again that with hard work and dedication anything is possible, coming from just a small suite in the back of a building to a full-blown salon with employees. There were ups and downs in life and Rachel has had her fair share, but remains a testament of true perseverance.

Rachel enjoys helping others feel empowered and at times gain their confidence back through the services she provides. She expects only the best from herself and those around her.

Maria Wood

Maria Wood is an entrepreneur of 7+ years in the beauty industry and founder of Brow Addict located in Virginia. She has taken her beauty knowledge and passion for the beauty industry for more than a decade and has traveled throughout the East Coast. Through her travels with Phi Master Gabriela Addie over the past two years, Maria has positioned herself in holding the title of the only PhiMaster in the state of Virginia from the best microblading academy in the world – Phibrows Academy by Branko Babic. Using the Phibrows technique, it allows for precise hair-like strokes, perfect symmetry and gorgeous brow shape that enhances the natural shape of your bone structure and face frame.

Being a highly skilled microblading specialist, Master Maria is dedicated to giving you the most perfect pair of effortless brows leaving you feeling more confident and secured. Her passion is to make men and women feel more beautiful than they already are. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending her days being a wife, a mother to her pits, and indulging in comfort food with her family.

Not only does she offer beautiful brow services, with her title, she is now able to travel all over the USA to educate future Phibrows Microblading students to becoming an Artist to Master in the microblading industry.


Leila Villa

Leila Villa is a Phi Royal Artist at the Art of Beauty Academy and assistant to Gabriela Addie. In her life, Leila has two roles she is most passionate about: being an amazing mother to three beautiful children and being a dedicated microblading professional.

Her microblading career started eight years ago, when Leila was a cashier fed up with her job. At the time, she knew she need a career change and that’s when was introduced to the world of microblading.

After a destined first encounter with her sister, Leila learned about her sister’s beauty training at the according to the most prestigious academy in the world – the PhiBrows Academy. After watching her sister’s work and talking about it, she recognized how the quality of microblading stood out from other treatments available at the time. It was perfect timing! Just like that, Leila knew that this was the career she was looking for and she went for it.

In 2016, Leila attended a training, received her certification and the title of PhiBrows Artist. But she didn’t stop there. The next year, she continued to advanced training and received her Royal Artist title. This allowed her to quite her day job and focus all of her efforts into achieving microblading greatness. Her life began to take a beautiful turn for the better.

At the time she met Gabriela Addie who mentor her, and Leila returned the favor by helping others make a positive change in their own life with microblading. Now, she is a valuable member of Art of Beauty Academy, a true microblading professional and continues to be an amazing mother to her children.

Danielle Guhlke

Danielle Guhlke is the best source for statewide requirements, course information, and registration. Even if a question is out of her realm she will go above and beyond to find an answer!

Danielle has been in love with the beauty industry since she was a child. After graduating high school, she made it her mission to start a career in makeup. Since 2012, that dream became a reality and she never looked back.

In 2016 Danielle was looking to add permanent makeup to the list of skills and her career. Little did she know this would lead her to choose a different path. She developed a passion for education after seeing how much help people who want to get into the business need. And she was great at it!

Soon after, Danielle met Gabriela and they started to build a friendship based on their shared passion to offer an exceptional education in makeup. She began planning Gabriela’s events and became the academic adviser at Art of Beauty Academy.

Today, Danielle Guhlke is responsible for providing educational guidance and assistance to students by planning schedules, recommending courses and determining appropriate educational solutions for different types of aptitude. Her primary goal is the same: to offer exceptional care for the students.

Predrag Obradovic

Predrag Obradovic is a marketing specialist and a founder of SEMRail and PMUHub.

He has dedicated his life to digital marketing and has been in the business since 2013. In 2017, his digital agency SEMRail partnered up with the Art of Beauty Academy, and have collaborated successfully ever since.

Predrag is responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns that promote the Academy and its services. He has successfully contributed to the growth of the Academy’s success and improvement of the brand’s recognition. 

Predrag started working with the permanent makeup industry before its popularity skyrocketed. In the meantime, he has become a marketing specialist in the pmu business. 

His passion for marketing combined with the experience in the permanent makeup business resulted in creating PMUHub, an online place where consumers and providers of PMU services can meet and collaborate. Predrag successfully runs his own digital agency and keeps helping other PMU businesses to grow and attract more clients. 

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