7 Microblading Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

Microblading artists have so many things they need to think about. The preparation process, color matching, outlining, measuring, not to mention the strokes themselves. Once you start working, you are bound to pick up tricks of the trade along the way, but in the meantime, the PhiBrows store is full of useful tools designed by microblading artists for microblading artists in order to make everyone’s lives easier.

From training kits to simple but effective ways to keep your workspace clean and your clients safe, here are 7 PhiBrows microblading supplies that are bound to help you optimize your microblading technique and give your clients the best possible results!

PhiBrows Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit

The key to success in any skill is practice! The PhiBrows Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit has everything you need to master and further perfect your skill. This microblading supply features latex practice props that behave like real skin and have a variety of pre-drawn patterns, 10 disposable tools, special practice ink, and many other products for a professional training experience.

PhiBrows Microblading Stroke Marker

This innovative pigment formula serves to mark the strokes that you make in the first pass. It’s very easy to use: cover the brow area with pigment using a disposable makeup brush, leave it on for 2-3 minutes, and wipe it off. The PhiBrows Stroke Marker will show each and every stroke that you’ve made. It’s especially useful when working on oily skin that doesn’t reveal strokes clearly.

Phi Stabilizer 15/1

This special attachable plastic disk is used to minimize vibrations from the machine and hand tremors. We’re only human after all! It also allows extra precision for thinner and denser strokes, even when working on oily and otherwise problematic skin. It’s suitable for all Simplicity PMU machines.

Phi Patch Test

Safety first! This revolutionary product allows you to test whether any pigment, anesthetic, aftercare product or stroke marker you are planning to use causes an allergic reaction or inflammation to your client. As part of the preparations, it’s advisable for every client to take the test. The Phi Patch Test gives fast results (it only takes an hour), it’s easy to use and it allows you to test multiple products simultaneously for better time management. But most of all, it makes sure your clients are safe and healthy. The set includes 10 pieces.

PhiBrows Hygienic Mask in White

We cannot stress enough the importance of hygiene! This disposable mask serves to protect you and your client from any possible contamination. It is adjustable and comfortable to wear. The material provides maximum protection, as it absorbs possibly infective aerosols much better than a paper mask would. You should never do a treatment without wearing your mask; it would not only be irresponsible, it could also damage your professional reputation.

Phi Barrier Film

Your workspace should always be as clean as possible to prevent health hazards. Also, working with pigments can get messy so it’s not a bad idea to protect your furniture. The protective barrier film will keep your work stationary clean. This microblading supply can be used to cover any surface, but it’s especially useful for hard to clean surfaces. It’s application is simple and it leaves no traces after the removal, unlike other protective plastic you have to glue on and end up doing more damage than good.

Skin Candy After Care Balm

The well-known Skin Candy cream comes in a new formulation now! The Skin Candy Aftercare Balm has a liquid texture which makes it very easy to apply. It forms a film-like layer that protects the treated area from contamination and assures best possible pigment retention. It also prevents pore clogging. The formula itself is simple yet effective; it contains lanolin that makes skin softer, bee wax and beneficial natural oils that nourish the skin. Aftercare has never been simpler!

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